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BearBUY is a web-based system for purchasing goods and services on campus. It is a single online marketplace where Library staff go to shop and where Unit Heads and AULs/Directors can review and authorize these purchases online. In BearBUY, Library users can shop using:

  1. Hosted-Catalog Suppliers, which provide contract products and pricing via an electronic catalog
  2. Punch-out Catalog Suppliers, which have the connection on their website, but are branded for UCB and use UCB contract pricing
  3. Non-Hosted Catalog and Non-Punch-out Suppliers with BearBUY Forms

The centrally paid master office supply and printer Toners/Cartridges are also available via BearBUY through Hosted-Catalog and Punch-out Catalog suppliers. To order central paid supplies, please follow the job aid under Library Office Supply Master and Toners/Cartridges List. Please email Library Mail and Transportation to request supplies from the list.

Note: Purchasing is supported by Campus Shared Services (CSS). A shopping cart must be assigned to Lynn Tran to review and submit to Campus Shared Services (CSS).

If the status of your shopping cart is still after three business days of assigning it to Lynn Tran, or you do not receive any communication/notification regarding your cart, please email Library Purchasing at

For any order valued at $10,000 or more, three quotes or a Proof of Price Reasonableness & Source Justification Form are required to attach to the BearBuy forms to justify source selection and price.

BearBUY Form Type of Purchase
Non-Catalog To request goods and services from contracted and other suppliers in Host and Punch-out Catalogs that are not found in a BearBuy catalog (Use this form for one time payment service requests only; for multiple payments, please use a Service Order Request Form.)
Independent Contractor and Consultant Service To request personal/professional/independent contractor or consulting services.
Service Order To request ‘amount only’ purchase requests for services and payment for multiple invoice payments, such as blanket orders.
Sole Source To create a purchase order where the dollar amount exceeds $10,000 when using non-federal funds or $5,000 when using federal funds; competitive bidding is unavailable (Use this form for purchase of equipment only.)
Amount Only To request 'amount-only' purchases for services and tangible goods that need to appear on the same PO, such as purchased equipment with maintenance services.
Moving Services: Household and Personal Effects To request moves for new campus hires; the relocation move can involve the move of the new hire’s household, office, and/or laboratory.
Vehicle Charter Request To purchase vehicle charter services with strategically sourced suppliers.
Subaward There are two types of Subaward forms: one for UC and one for Non UC. These are used for all subawards.