Ordering Business Cards

To order business cards, please go online to UC Storefront and follow the steps below to fill out the card order.

  1. Go to UC Storefront
  2. Under "Select your Affiliation," select "UC Berkeley"
  3. Under "Select your Identity," select "Staff/Faculty"
  4. Under "Select Staff," select "UC Berkeley Library Staff/Faculty"
  5. Click "Enter"
  6. Select "Order Business Cards"
  7. Follow the instructions to submit your order to Library Purchasing
  8. Please print out the approval form with your card proof to obtain your AUL's or Director's approval
  9. Please send a packing slip to Library Purchasing when the card order has been received

Note: Due to the approved default layout, some fields cannot be expanded and the information may not fit. When a business card requires special typesetting, please enter information that should be read in the Comment field. UC Storefront changes the font size and kerning to fit and keep within the identity standards. UC Storefront will typeset the cards and send a proof to the requester to review prior to printing. There is no charge for this kind of typesetting.​

Business Card Styles:

Traditional Seal: 2-sided (seal on back)

250 count: $86

500 count: $107

1000 count: $155

"traditional seal 2-sided"

Traditional: 1-sided (blank back)

250 count: $68

500 count: $84

1000 count: $115

"traditional 1-sided blank back"

Tessellation Pattern

250 count: $84

500 count: $103

1000 count: $148

"tesselation pattern"

Campanile Style

250 count: $86

500 count: $107

1000 count: $155

"campanile style"