Acceptable proof of payment documentation must include the following components:

  1. Name of Payee—Who did you pay for the goods or services?
  2. Amount Charged—How much did you pay for the goods or services?
  3. Transaction Date—When did you buy the goods or services?
  4. Form of Payment—What form of payment was used to purchase those goods or services?
  5. Description of the Goods or Services Purchased—What did you buy? Is this information on an invoice that you can provide?

If a receipt cannot be obtained or was lost and all measures to obtain a duplicate receipt have been exhausted, please complete a Certificate of Lost/Missing Receipt to submit with your Expense Report.

For Travel: Receipts are required for airfare, rental car expenses, registration, lodging, and any expense of $75 or more. You will upload your receipts to your Travel Expense Report. If your trip involved air travel, please upload your itinerary even if you are not claiming airfare reimbursement.

Before uploading your receipts online, please review our Data Security Policy to ensure you aren't putting yourself at risk by sharing sensitive information.