Phone Services/Zoom Conference

Please note that Library Purchasing only handles phone service. For Internet/Data connections or Skype, please contact the Library IT Help Desk.

To order phone equipment/lines and voicemail service, please complete a Library CNS Service Form and email or mail it to Library Purchasing at 110 Doe Library. These services are provided to the UC Berkeley campus through Cal Voicemail.

To request a Zoom conference call reservation, please fill out a Conference Call Reservation Form and send or fax it to Library Purchasing at or 2-6086 or Lynn Tran. Please send your request 5 days prior to your scheduled conference call.

For phone line and voicemail trouble and repair, please contact Communication Network Services Desk at 664-9000 and then press option 1, 3 and 2 to report the problem such as no dial tone, static on the line, poor quality, voicemail password resets, etc.