Security Services

Library Security Services is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the public, academic community, and staff, as well as the collections within Doe Library, the Doe Annex (Bancroft Library), and Moffitt Library. Security staff enforce campus and Library codes of conduct, policies, and California laws to ensure the physical protection of both library staff and patrons during open hours and special events. Library Security Services is also responsible for protecting the building, its contents, and its immediate surroundings. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the development and integration of protection programs for emergencies, as well as fire, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

For library security services, please contact:

  • Doe Library South Information Desk 1: 3-9296
  • Doe Library North Information Desk: 3-2013
  • Moffitt Library Information Desk: 3-2229
  • Bancroft Security Desk: 4-4227
  • Security Patrol (24 hour cell phone): 812-0205

For emergencies call:

  • UC Police: 2-3333 or 911 (911 can be called from any campus or pay phone)
  • Doe Library South Security Desk 1: 3-9296
  • Security Patrol (24 hour cell phone): 812-0204 or 812-0205
  • Security Operations Center: 2-3614

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