Planning an Entertainment Activity

When planning an entertainment event, the host must acquire advance approval from his or her supervisor, unit head, or AUL/Director. Exceptional circumstances require the University Librarian’s or Chief Administrative Officer's pre-approval. Failure to receive necessary pre-approval may result in UC refusing to pay the bill or reimbursement. In that case, either the vendor or the host may end up having to personally cover the cost.

When planning other entertainment activities, please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an itemized quote or estimate from the vendor. The Library’s preferred caterer is Stradavarius because of its business relationship with the Library. Stradavarius does business as FSM Café (666-0805) and Bancroft Hotel Catering (549-0113).
  2. Complete section A of the Entertainment Pre-approval Request Form.

    Note: Pre-approval via email is acceptable, but the email must be attached to the form you submit. The host may not pre-approve his or her own entertainment expense.

    • If the entertainment expense is covered by a blanket pre-approval, and if exceptional circumstances do not apply, type “see blanket pre-approval” on the pre-approval signature line in section B of the same form. LBS will look for the blanket pre-approval in their files.
    • If the event is not covered by a blanket pre-approval, obtain pre-approval from the host’s supervisor, unit head, or AUL. The pre-approval for LAUC-B entertainment expenses must be pre-approved by the LAUC-B Chair.
    • If exceptional circumstances apply (e.g. per-person maximum is exceeded), the University Librarian’s or Chief Administrative Officer's pre-approval is required.
    • If the vendor requires a contract to be signed, the requester must submit the contract, along with an entertainment pre-approval request, at least five business days in advance of the event. Once the contract has been reviewed and signed by the Library buyer, it will be returned to the requester. The requester must then send the signed contract to the vendor for a counter signature and forward the countersigned contract to the Library buyer.
  3. This step depends on where you plan to incur charges.
    • If you are planning an activity at the Faculty Club or Women’s Faculty Club, read these guidelines.
    • If you are paying out of pocket, proceed with the reservation and the event. Please keep the original itemized receipt.
    • For all other entertainment activities (e.g. Stradavarius, Alumni House, etc), please send the pre-approval and a copy of the quote/estimate to LBS. LBS will let you know when to proceed with the order or reservation and will provide you with a purchase order number if required. After the event, verify the charges on the invoice.
  4. Complete the Entertainment Check Request Form and obtain the host’s signature. The host cannot be the approver.
  5. Submit the Check Request Form along with the Pre-approval Request Form, receipt/invoice, and a list of the attendees (including each attendee's full name and title/affiliation to the university) to LBS at For entertainment expenses, credit card receipts or credit card statements are not sufficient for reimbursement for $75 or more. Original itemized receipts or acceptable electronic receipts are required to be submitted for expenses of $75 or more per occasion. For more information regarding how to prepare receipts prior to submitting a request for reimbursement, please review our guide to receipt requirements.

If you have questions email LBS Entertainment staff at