Transportation Services

Transportation Services provides assistance with workstation adjustments, item pickups, and minor repairs. It is also responsible for the pickup and delivery of paged library materials across campus and beyond.

Work Order Requests

Transportation Services performs workstation ergonomic improvements and adjustments, such as computer keyboard installation and assembly or reconfiguration of Steelcase workstations. For an ergonomic evaluation, please contact Library Business Services. This unit also picks up small items being sent to Excess and Salvage and performs minor furniture repair.

Online Paging

Patrons are able to electronically request books and other library materials from twenty-five campus libraries. Transportation Services retrieves paged items and delivers them the following day to the designated subject specialty library or affiliated library.

Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF)

Transportation Services transports book trucks between Doe, Moffitt, the subject specialty libraries, affiliated libraries and NRLF. Full book trucks must be wrapped to ensure books don’t come loose in transit. Please contact Richard Rosario to arrange preparation and transit of book trucks.