Campus Mailing Services

For the most efficient delivery of mail between campus locations, the university utilizes certain procedures.

Preparing Campus Mail

Intracampus mail for UC Berkeley campus destinations should be placed in a yellow campus mail envelope. These envelopes offer Campus Mail Services the highest level of processing efficiency and we strongly encourage their use. Mail in these envelopes is given top priority in the delivery process. 100% of mail in intra-campus envelopes is delivered the following business day.

The campus mail envelope includes the following address components:

  • Mail Code (required information)
  • Department Name (required information)
  • Addressee Name (optional but recommended)
  • Department Address (optional but recommended)

The more complete the information, the greater the guarantee that your mail will be successfully delivered. If one of the required address fields is missing, your mail may be delayed.

Mail Codes

With the objective of reducing sorting errors and maximizing mailing efficiency, Campus Mail Services has a long-term goal to sort as much mail as possible using ZIP+4 mail codes. This method ensures the speed and accuracy of daily mail processing. However, there are several off-campus buildings that do not this type of mail code because they house UC departments and private businesses. When addressing mail for off-campus departments, please make sure you are using the correct mail code.

Quality campus mail service is dependent on applying the correct mail code. Using incorrect mail codes, even if the rest of the address is accurate, may result in a failed delivery. The piece of mail could be sent back to Campus Mail Services and rerouted, adding at least two extra days to the delivery process.


The ZIP+4 mail code system was introduced by the Campus Mailing Division as a way to sort mail faster and more accurately through machine processing. The campus mail envelopes were designed specifically for machine processing of intracampus mail. The ZIP+4 Mail Codes are listed in the Campus Directory.

Personal Mail

University policy (BUS-65) states that the campus mail system is reserved exclusively for University business. Faculty and staff are not permitted to receive any personal incoming mail at work, nor may the intercampus or intracampus mail system be used for anything other than University business.

Purchasing Postage

BUS 65 allows departments to purchase and use postage only for exceptional or urgent mailing needs. All other mailing needs should be handled through the Library’s Mailroom.

If you need to purchase stamps, please submit your order through Campus Mail Services, not the U.S. Postal Service. If Campus Mail Services is unable to meet your needs, alternatives may be utilized after receiving prior approval.

Campus Pickup and Delivery

Campus Mail Services provides delivery and pickup service to the Library once a day, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am - 9:30 am. Mailing Services requires that all mail be properly addressed with the individual recipient or campus department, room number, building, and +4 mail code (if using color-coded, canary yellow envelopes). The Mailing Division will only handle interoffice letter envelopes, postcards, and campus informational items on its regular mail routes.