Intralibrary Mail

Intralibrary mail moves materials such as books and interoffice correspondence between Library units. Manila interoffice envelopes should be used for Library and Campus departmental mail only.

Preparing and Addressing Interoffice Mail

When using interoffice envelopes to send mail from one library department to another, the department or individual name and room number should be included in the address. Improper addressing of mail will cause missorting and delivery delay. Abbreviations of departments are acceptable when accompanied by a room number. Abbreviations of names are acceptable when accompanied by a department and room number. All mail being sent to a subject specialty library or an affiliated library must have the library’s name, not just the room number within the particular building.

Examples of addresses (correct/incorrect)

employee name DMCIS/Main Stacks Doe/Moffitt Circulation
GSSIS 223 Library Library
Prof. C. Greenwood English Dept - 322 Wheeler Hall 322 Wheeler Hall

Routing Slips

The Library routing slip offers a more efficient means for routing mail between subject specialty libraries, affiliated libraries, and Library departments. Please include all pertinent delivery and routing information as indicated on the slip.