Design Office

The Library Design Office plans and coordinates new building projects, construction renovations and relocations, furniture and shelving orders and repairs, as well as signage and exhibits. Our services are available for all University Library units. We can also provide assistance with security planning, analysis of heating, air conditioning, and other environmental problems, fire safety and building code issues, energy usage, keying plans, as well as floor plans and data about Library spaces.

Building the UC Berkeley Library is an ongoing process, beginning in 1868 and continuing up to the present. A history and overview of Library construction projects are included as part of a display in the Model Room, located in the corridor adjacent to the Brown Gallery on the First Floor of Doe Library.

If you have problems involving repair of lights, plumbing, heating, or another building related issue, please contact Library Facilities.

Library Design Office
107 Doe Library
Phone: (510) 642-5154