Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs

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The Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs ensures that the interests of the UC Berkeley Affiliated Libraries are represented and addressed with LAUC-B. The committee helps bridge the institutional gap between The Library and the Affiliated Libraries in order to achieve a productive and collegial working relationship within the campus library community. The Chair, along with other members of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs, is also charged with producing Fall and Spring Assemblies for the affiliated libraries. The assemblies serve as a forum for sharing information and issues.

The Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs comprises the Chair, Chair-Elect, TALAG Chair, and the LAUC-B Vice-Chair (ex officio).


  • Affiliated Libraries Spring Assembly: February 13, 2018. Morrison Room, Doe Library
    Guest panel discussing "When the Silicon Meets the Road: A Digital Research Reality Check"
    • Sine Hwang Jensen, Asian American Studies Librarian and Comparative Ethnic Studies Librarian at the Ethnic Studies Library (ESL) at UC Berkeley, "Analog Lessons from Student Engagement with Digital Humanities and the H.K. Yuen Social Movement Archive"
    • Anne Joseph O'Connell, George Johnson Professor of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law, "Using Data for Policy Research"
    • Michael Lindsey, Director of Library Web Development, UC Berkeley School of Law Library, "Parsing for Presidential Nominations"
  • LAUC-B/Affiliated Libraries Joint Fall Assembly: September 29, 2017. Morrison Room, Doe Library
    • Guest presentation by Prof. Safiya Noble, USC Annenberg School of Communication, "Algorithms of Oppression"
  • LAUC-B/Affiliated Libraries Joint Spring Assembly: April 21, 2015. Morrison Room, Doe Library (minutes)
    Guest panel for program "Forward Together: Library, Affiliated Libraries, and campus collaborations":
    • Erik Mitchell, AUL, Digital Initiatives and Collaborative Services
    • Susan Edwards, Head, Social Sciences Division
    • Christina Fidler, Archivist, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
    • Quinn Dombrowski, Digital Humanities @ Berkeley
    • Moderator: Jennifer Nelson, Librarian for the Robbins Collection, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Fall Assembly: December 3, 2014. Goldberg Room, UC Berkeley School of Law
    • topic: Revisiting "The Report"
  • Spring Assembly: April 16, 2014. Room 141, UC Berkeley School of Law
    • speaker: Adi Kamdar, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Spring Assembly: April 2, 2013. Warren Room (295 Simon Hall), BerkeleyLaw
    • speaker: Marti Hearst, Professor in the School of Information, UC Berkeley
  • Fall Assembly: November 13, 2012. Room 141, Boalt Hall
    • speakers: Cody Hennesy, Harrison Dekker, Michael Sholinbeck
  • Spring Assembly: March 20, 2012. Goldberg Room, Boalt Hall
  • Fall Assembly: November 8, 2011. Goldberg Room, Boalt Hall
    • speaker: Janet Broughton, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Welfare, UC Berkeley


Assembly Minutes and Presentations