LAUC-B/Affiliated Libraries 2015 Joint Spring Assembly

Tuesday, April 21
8:30 - 10:15 am
Morrison Library

Executive Committee members present: Rita Evans (chair), Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

Total attendance: 34 members


I. LAUC-B Business Meeting, 8:30 - 9:00 am

A. Welcome – Rita Evans

R. Evans introduced the Executive Committee members present and brought membership up to date on current LAUC-B issues.


B. UL address – Tom Leonard

In his remarks, UL Tom Leonard discussed the role of librarians in organizing knowledge.


C. Announcements of new LAUC-B members and retirements – E. Smith

LAUC-B members with new positions, new members since the Fall Assembly, and retirements and separations since April 30, 2014 were announced:

LAUC-B members who have taken on new positions since November 2014

  • Susan Edwards, Head of the Social Sciences Division
  • Susan Koskinen, Head of the Life & Health Sciences Division
  • Brian Quigley, Head of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Division

New members since November 2014

  • Jean Ferguson, Learning & Research Communities Librarian
  • Julie Goldsmith, Digital Project Archivist, Bancroft Library
  • Holly Hatheway, Head of the Arts & Humanities Division
  • Mark Hemhauser, Head of Acquisitions
  • Sine Hwang Jensen, Asian American Studies Librarian, Ethnic Studies Library
  • Haiqing Lin, Head of Technical Services, East Asian Library
  • Charles Macquarie, Digital Project Archivist, Bancroft Library [omitted at meeting]

Announced retirements and separations since April 30, 2014

  • Lucia Diamond, School of Law
  • Ellen Meltzer, California Digital Library
  • Lydia Petersen, Business Library
  • Jason Schultz, Librarian for Africana Collections
  • Kendra Stoll, Public Health Library
  • David Uhlich, Bancroft Library
  • Tom Leonard, University Librarian (retirement announced for June 30, 2015)


D. Treasurer’s Report – L. Ngo

The Treasurer referred members to R. Evans’ e-mail of April 16, “LAUC-B - Budget and Professional Development Funding Update,” which announced a 31% reduction in the LAUC-B budget request for 2015-16. Among the updates:

  • Both represented and non-represented members will be allocated $729 in professional development funds for FY2015-2016
  • Librarians that report administratively to the UL will continue to receive an additional $600 from Library Administration
  • Discussions are underway with Library Administration to determine whether unspent funds from the 2014-15 budget will be redistributed in July 2015 as additional professional development funding for both represented and non-represented members
  • The LAUC-B Conference has been funded for 2015
  • The Distinguished Librarian Award will continue to be given, but the monetary prize amount will be reduced from $5000 to $1000


E. Committee Reports

i. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA) - Ramona Martinez


  • Jean Dickinson (2017)
  • Julie Lefevre (2016)
  • Ramona Martinez (2015)
  • Teresa Mora (2016)
  • Margaret Phillips (2017)
  • Michael Sholinbeck (2017)
  • Susan Xue (2015)

Summary of activities for the 2014/15 academic year

1.    Position descriptions reviewed since Fall Assembly:  5

  • Japanese Cataloging Librarian - EAL
  • Classics and German Studies Librarian
  • National Writing Project Archivist - BANC
  • Anthropology and Qualitative Research Librarian
  • Business Reference and Instruction Librarian

2. Candidate Interviews since the Fall Assembly: 17 candidates for 6 positions

  • Head of Acquisitions
  • Asian American Studies Librarian - ESL
  • Processing Archivist - BANC
  • Digital Project Archivist  - BANC
  • Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Optometry and Health Sciences Librarian

3. Total cases up for review: 22

  • The Library: 13
  • Affiliated Libraries: 9

Types of reviews:

  • 15 Merits (one off-cycle)
  • 2 Career status
  • 6 Promotions

Three ad hoc committees were appointed to review career status and promotion cases.


ii. Nominations and Elections Committee - Marlene Harmon and Monica Singh


  • Marlene Harmon, Co-Chair (2015)
  • Monica Singh, Co-Chair (2015)
  • Jennifer Dorner (2016)
  • Debbie Jan (2016)

2015 Election

The Nominations and Elections Committee has received nominations and identified candidates willing to run in the upcoming LAUC-B election. The positions open this year include Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, two Library Representatives, and an Affiliated Representative.

Candidates will be announced at the Joint LAUC-B and LAUC-B Affiliated Spring Assembly on Tuesday, April 21, and further nominations will be sought from the floor during that meeting.

The ballot will also include a proposed bylaws change to provide for a shorter period of time between presenting a slate of candidates for LAUC-B offices and the election.  The use of electronic ballots allows for greater flexibility in scheduling the assemblies and elections.

Voting will again be through an online ballot for both LAUC-B and LAUC statewide elections. Candidate statements will be available on the LAUC-B website. The online polls will be open from May 18 until June 1. Online ballots will be due by the close of election day, June 1.

Nominated candidates for the LAUC-B ExComm election were announced:


Jennifer Nelson


Jennifer Dorner
David Eifler


Christina Tarr
Emily Vigor

Library Representatives:

Jianye He
Jeffrey Loo
Michele Morgan

Affiliated Representative:

Christina Marino

Additional nominations were solicited from the floor by R. Evans. None were made, and the nominations were closed.


F. Additional committee reports (by e-mail)

See LAUC-B 2015 Joint Spring Assembly Committee Reports


G. By-law amendment approval vote announcement – R. Evans

R. Evans announced a proposed bylaws amendment placed on the ballot by the Executive Committee:

Current language:

“Section 5.

The Nominating and Elections Committee shall:

A. Present the nominations and the candidates for office at a business meeting to be held at least one month prior to the elections, where it shall be possible for the membership to present nominations from the floor. Nominations shall be formally closed at this time.” (Emphasis added.)

Proposed change:

“Section 5.

The Nominating and Elections Committee shall:

A. Present the nominations and the candidates for office at a business meeting to be held at least two weeks prior to the elections, where it shall be possible for the membership to present nominations from the floor. Nominations shall be formally closed at this time.” (Emphasis added.)


II. Program: Forward Together: Library, Affiliated Libraries, and campus collaborations, 9:00 - 10:15 am

Moderator:  Jennifer Nelson, Librarian for the Robbins Collection, UC Berkeley School of Law


  • Erik Mitchell – AUL and Director of Digital Initiatives & Collaborative Services
  • Susan Edwards – Head, Social Sciences Division
  • Christina Fidler – Museum Archivist, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
  • Quinn Dombrowski –  Digital Humanities Coordinator, IS&T

The panelists each responded to four prompts from the moderator, with questions from the moderator and the floor following each prompt. The prompts were:

  1. What campus collaborations outside your own library are you currently involved in?  Who are your collaborators?  What do you see as the benefits of this collaboration?
  2. Are you embedded in an academic department, ORU, or other campus unit?  How does this affect the work of your unit, or yourself?
  3. What short term plans do you have for changing or adding collaborations or embedding?
  4. What new ideas have you read about or heard about (e.g. in conferences or from other professionals) that you would like to try?  Who would be the likely partners?  How would this idea benefit our users or the campus community?

A wide-ranging discussion of the opportunities and challenges of reaching beyond the Library to collaborate with researchers and other campus organizations followed. There was broad agreement that the Library’s public service orientation and its expertise in organizing, accessing and describing information place it in a strong position to foster collaboration, but that librarians need to build relationships outside the Library and demonstrate our value as potential partners. As Christina Fidler said near the conclusion of the panel, “Librarians need to lean in.”