Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring


Deborah Jan, Public Health (Chair)
Lucia Diamond, Law
Saima Fazli, Technical Services
Susana Hinojosa, Research & Collections
Heather Pena, Optometry


The campus libraries were awarded funding under the Berkeley Initiative for Leadership on Diversity (BILD) for a project entitled Connecting People and Building Community: Two Tier Program (Libraries).  This Task Force will follow through on one aspect of the project, which is the mentoring of library staff interested in a career as a professional librarian.

The Task Force will match interested staff to librarians who can give advice on the requirements for the field and job prospects.  The Task Force will work on relevant handouts, e-postings, web pages or links to advertise this opportunity.  The Task Force will set up procedures to ensure that this program continues after the end of the BILD project in June 2008 and will track and report to the LAUC-B Executive Committee and the BILD Project Team (Project Team Leader, Susan Wong) on the number of participants, the lessons learned, and general evaluation of the project.

The BILD Project Team hopes to set up a mentoring model for other campus communities and to that end the Task Force will coordinate with the Librarys Staff Development Community (SDC) to organize similar mentorship procedures for other careers in the campus libraries (in finance, fundraising, IT, etc.).


The Task Force will submit a final report to the LAUC-B Executive Committee at the end of the BILD project in Summer 2008 and make a recommendation for future mentoring procedures.

Activities, Events, and Resources