LAUC-B 2016 Spring Assembly

LAUC-B Spring Assembly 2016
(held jointly with Affiliated Libraries Spring Assembly 2016)

May 4, 2016
Morrison Library
8:30 to 10:00 am


ExComm members present: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Rita Evans, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair)

Total attendance: 50

  1. LAUC-B Business Meeting - 8:30 to 8:45

    1. Welcome and call to order (I. Wang)

    2. Membership Report (E. Vigor)

      1. LAUC-B members with new positions, new members since the Fall Assembly, and retirements and separations were announced:

      2. New Hires (joining or announced since November 10, 2015 assembly):

                                  Naomi Shiraishi, Japanese Cataloging Librarian, (10/21/2015)

                                  Celia Emmelhainz, Anthropology & Qualitative Research Librarian, (11/16/2015)

                                  Anna Fulton Sackman, Science Data & Engineering Librarian, (1/11/2016)

                          3. Retirements & Separations (occurring or announced since November 10, 2015 assembly)

                                  Rita Evans, Director ITS Library (1.31.2016)

                                  Barbara Bohl (6/29/2016)

                                  Shayee Khanaka (6/29/2016)

                                  Teresa Mora, Principal Manuscript Archivist, Bancroft Library (2.5.2016) (separation)

  1. Nominating & Elections Committee Report (D. Jan)
    1. Available in Committee Reports
    2. Other standing committees - not presented in person; written reports available in Committee Reports
  2. Program: UC Berkeley Library Strategic Plan Discussion - 8:45 to 10:00

Speaker: Jeff Mackie-Mason

Facilitator: Katherine Kott

Library Leadership Team recorders: E. Woods & E. Dupuis

  1. J. Mackie-Mason briefly discussed the University Library Leadership Team's draft “reaction” document , after which LAUC-B librarians, including Affiliated Library members, had the opportunity to provide input. (FYI the final Strategic Plan is now available.) 

  2. Summary

    1. Our core mission is to support research scholarship and teaching and learning on campus through scholarly communications, student success, and collections. We need a shared vision of where we want to get in the next 5-7 years, we all need to be engaged, offer input, advice, etc.

    2. Current paperwork (see attachment) is a starting point for a discussion about what is missing, what should be deleted, or what should be changed so they better state where we should be going

    3. At least one more meeting will occur to present a draft of the actual strategic plan and will have other mechanisms along the way for seeking input. LAUC-B members should reach out to the strategic plan committee at any time