LAUC-B 2016 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B 2016 Spring Assembly Reports

I. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)  (Julie Lefevre)


Jean Dickinson (2017)

James Eason (2016)

Julie Lefevre (2016), Chair

Jason Miller (2018)

Margaret Phillips (2017)

Michael Sholinbeck (2017)

Jesse Silva (2018)


Summary of activities for the 2015-16 academic year

1. Position descriptions reviewed since 2015 Fall Assembly:  1

Project Librarian for Public Services, Bancroft Library


2. Candidate Interviews since the Fall Assembly: 17 candidates for 5 positions

Electronic Resources Librarian

Chemistry Librarian & LBNL Liaison

Literatures & Digital Humanities Librarian

Latin Americana Curator

Native American Studies


3. Total cases up for review: 33

The Library: 10

Affiliated Libraries:  23


Types of reviews:

26 Merits (one off-cycle)

1 Career status

1 Promotion

5 Special


Two ad hoc committees were appointed to review career status and promotion cases.


II. Committee on Professional Development Report (Samantha Teplitzky)


Sam Teplitzky (2016)

Lee Adams (2017)

Christina Fidler (2016)

Chris Marino (2017)

Shannon Supple (2017)


Professional Development 2016 Spring Events

The Committee on Professional Development will host two events this month. The first, on Wednesday,

May 18, 2-3 pm, will be a mini-workshop to help prepare LAUC-B members for the upcoming conference

season. Diana Lizarraga, the Director of Cal NERDS (Diversity STEM Programs) here at UC Berkeley,

will lead an introduction to poster design and will cover the basics of layout, images, font choice and



The following Wednesday, May 25, 1:30-3 pm, we will co-host a “Professional Development Panorama”

along with the Staff Development Committee and the Library Leadership Team. These lightning talks will

offer a chance for people who have participated in conferences, workshops, online courses, or other

professional development activities to share highlights will colleagues.


We hope LAUC-B members will join us at both events!


III. LAUC-B Committee on Research (Jean Dickinson)


Jean Dickinson, Chair (2016)

Chris Marino (Affiliated representative) (2016)

Toshie Marra (2016)

Liladhar Pendse (Townsend Fellow representative) (2017)

Joe Cera, ex-officio (LAUC Statewide Research and Professional Development Committee).


Past and Current Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini Grants

In February 2016, there was a second round call for grant proposals, but no submissions were received.

(The maximum award for a Mini Grant is $500. The maximum award for a Presentation Grant is $600.

Research Grants are capped at $5,000 as of FY 2015-2016.) The committee will pass along to next year’s

members the need to try to think of more ways to encourage proposals.


Townsend Center Fellowship for Library and Museum Professionals

There were no applications for Townsend Library Fellowships this year. The committee will pass along to

next year’s members the need to try to think of more ways to encourage proposals.


Upcoming Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini Grants

The next deadline for proposals for a Research, Presentation, or Mini Grant, will be due to the LAUC-B

Research Committee by some time in late August/early September, 2016. The exact date has not been

set yet.


IV. Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs (Barbara Bohl)


Barbara Bohl (Chair) (2016)

Chris Marino (Vice-Chair) (2017)

Jennifer Nelson, ex-officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair) (2015-2016)


On  November 12, 2015  the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs held our Fall Assembly in room  

170 Boalt Hall.  Our featured speaker was Dr. Carl Stahmer, Director of Digital Scholarship, UC Davis.  

Carl presented an interesting discussion on the UC Davis BIBFLOW Project and the future uses of linked

data in library catalogs.


Chris Marino will be taking over as Chair in July, due to my impending retirement.


V, Committee on Diversity


Jennifer Osgood (Co-Chair; SDC Rep.)

Liladhar Pendse

Corliss Lee ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)

Michael Sholinbeck (Co-Chair)


Recent activities of the LAUC-B Committee on Diversity include:

The Staff Mentorship Program sponsored by the Committee on Diversity continues. Several staff

and librarians continue to express interest in being matched; currently we have 2 un-matched staff,

so we need more librarians to step up. Nearly all the matches made earlier are still ongoing.


On April 22, 2015 – the day after the last Assembly – we are sponsored a brown bag featuring a

panel of three recently hired librarians, moderated by Committee on Diversity member L. Pendse.

Thirty two attended. These librarians shared information on projects they are working on. Because

many of our paths don’t regularly cross, it is hoped that this forum will lead to LAUC-B members

learning about interesting work being done by their colleagues.


The Committee on Diversity is contemplating proposing a customized workshop, Get Global Ready,

which is run by Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership at International House, to the library.


The Committee met with representatives of I-House in January 2016, and two LAUC-B members

attended a recent Get Global ready workshop. We are still pondering this proposal.


On March 29, 2016, the Committee teamed with the Library Instructor Development Program of the

Teaching & Learning Expertise Group to put on an event on Feminist & Queer Pedagogy in Library

Instruction. Two distinguished panelists presented.


In the coming months, the Committee on Diversity will tackle additional tasks in the recently revised



Due to the resignation from UCB of a committee member, we gained a new SDC Representative:

Jennifer Osgood. We are happy Jennifer has joined our committee!


A reminder for all who are interested, the National Diversity in Libraries conference is at UCLA in

August 2016:

VI. LAUC-B Nominations & Elections Report (Debbie Jan)


Debbie Jan

Jennifer Dorner

Lynn Jones

Kendra Levine

The Nominations & Elections Committee (Jennifer Dorner, Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, and myself) would like to thank everyone who considered running for office.  And, of course, a special thank you to the folks that agreed to become nominees!


Our nominees are:

For LAUC-B Chair:

  • Brian Quigley

For Secretary:

  • Samantha Teplitzky
  • Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz

For Library Representative:

  • Susan Powell
  • Mark Hemhauser
  • David Faulds

For Affiliated Representative:

  • Dean Rowan


With no nominations from the floor, the LAUC-B slate will stand as is. 


The Statewide slate is:

For VP/President Elect:  

  • Carla Arbagey, LAUC-R

For Secretary:

  • Angela Horne, LAUC-LA
  • Roger Smith, LAUC-SD

Please watch for your online ballots, which will be coming out around mid-May.

Just a reminder to please consider volunteering for a LAUC-B standing committee. The Nominations and Elections Committee will be sending out a call in June after the Executive Committee and Statewide election results are announced.