2013 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

Committee Reports 

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)

Report by Chair Jennifer Nelson


Jennifer Nelson, (Chair)
Debbie Jan
Ramona Martinez
Kathi Neal
Claude Potts
Kai Stoekenius
Susan Xue

Academic reviews:
CAPA is meeting weekly to review a total of 34 cases. The ad hoc committees have been constituted and are currently working on their assigned cases.

Librarian position announcements:
CAPA reviews position announcements for openings in the Librarian series. Since November CAPA has not reviewed any new position announcements.

CAPA interviews:
CAPA interviews all candidates for positions in the Librarian series to evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley and to share information related to the Librarian review process. Since November CAPA has conducted interviews for one position:

Edmund G "Pat" Brown Papers Archivist three candidates

Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs

Report by Chair Julie Lefevre


Julie Lefevre, Chair (2013)
Rita Evans, (TALAG Chair) (2013)
Lynn Jones, ex-officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair) (2012-13)
Jason Miller, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2014)

On Tuesday 2 April 2013, the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs will hold its Spring Assembly in Warren Room (Room 295), Law School. Our speaker will be Professor Marti Hearst of the UC Berkeley School of Information. Professor Hearst has published widely on user interfaces for search, and is at the forefront of research on working with Big Data to make it searchable and accessible. We anticipate an enlightening presentation and a lively Q&A session.

Committee on Diversity

Report by Manuel Erviti


Manuel Erviti, Chair (2013)
Ramona Martinez (Affiliated Representative) (2013)
Imadelden Abuelgasim (2014)
Karen Yu (2014)
Erika Lindensmith / Judy Deliramich, (SDC Representative) (2013)
Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD Representative)
Debbie Jan, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)

Based on results of the May 2011 survey of staff participation in LAUC-B Diversity Committee job shadowing, convention shadowing, and staff mentoring programs, the Committee by-passed continued work on these for the academic year in favor of looking to sponsor a talk or program--perhaps as a brown bag or other library function--on some aspect of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Potential speakers contacted early-on have fallen through. Communication with a staff curriculum contact at the Multicultural Education Program, Division of Equity & Inclusion has not yet identified specific programs or off-shoots suitable for presentation at the Library. There are, however, general campus workshops available which would benefit Library staff and are available for individual sign-up (see <http://mep.berkeley.edu/workshops/enroll>).   

In early March, the LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity produced a progress report, which analyzed the 2011 membership census survey data, for the LAUC Executive Board.  This report was not disseminated for general discussion.  As requested in the 2012/13 committee charge, a new membership census survey will be forthcoming so changes in membership can be identified and comparisons can be made.  A final report will compare data from the two membership surveys and other appropriate statistics. Independently, however, LAUC-B Committee on Diversity, with the gracious technical help of Julie Lefevre, has posted basic statistics comparing recent figures for American diversity in various population groups, at UC, and librarian associations. Accessible online at the Committee website, </diversity/index.html>, it is accompanied by a table of observances designated by Congress or Presidential Proclamation, both useful for UCB reference.

Committee on Professional Development

Report by Co-Chairs Randal Brandt and Hilary Schiraldi


Hilary Schiraldi, Co-Chair (2013)
Randal Brandt, Co-Chair (2013)
Harrison Dekker (2013)
Julie Lefevre (2014)
Jill Woolums (2014)

Committee Activities

At the request of Ex-Comm, the Committee on Professional Development has been investigating the process of rolling over unused LAUC professional development funds to the next fiscal year. Jill Woolums has been working with Kris Leonardo and Elise Woods on a draft policy that can be posted on LAUCs website. 

The Committee on Professional Development is developing a spring program, to be held on April 25th, from 8:30-10:00 in the Morrison Room, featuring a presentation by Tasha Bergson-Michelson. Ms. Bergson-Michelson is a librarian and a member of Googles Search Education team and will be speaking about advanced search techniques to enable you to get more relevant search resultsboth in Google and in other indexes we use.

Committee on Research

Report by Chair Dean Rowan


Dean C. Rowan, Chair
Jim Church
Kendra Levine
Jaeyong Chang
John Shepard
Lisa Ngo, ex officio

Townsend and Research Grant Opportunities Early Bird, Thursday, October 4, 2012, 8:30 9:30 a.m., Doe 303

A dozen attendees heard Teresa Stojkov, Associate Director at the Townsend Center, encourage librarians to think seriously about applying for the Library Fellowship. Past Fellow Ramona Martinez, 2011-12, recommended the year-long fellowship, based on its prompting her to bring a lingering research project to publishable quality. Paul Hamburg, 2003-04 Fellow, also promoted the program as an opportunity to meet academic colleagues across the campus. Ms. Stojkov suggested interested librarians might be able to arrange to attend a Townsend Fellows meeting to see what it is like. She also advised librarians on campus to establish a research group to meet with some frequency and to discuss issues. Should such a group develop and remain active, she would support establishing it as a Townsend Working Group, including a small budget. Finally, she recommended setting up a presence for such a group on the Townsend Humanities Lab, a virtual digital sandbox permitting scholars to share ideas, papers, projects, etc., on a social networking platform.

Research, Mini-, and Presentation Grant Application Submissions

The Committee received four Research Grant proposals, and advised each applicant with feedback regarding his or her respective proposal. The Committee submitted the final proposals on July 25, 2013, to LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee Chair Nick Robinson. We received no Mini- or Presentation Grant proposal submissions during this cycle.

Conference Planning Committee

Report by Co-Chairs Christina Tarr and Jennifer Nelson


Jennifer Nelson, Co-Chair
Christina Tarr, Co-Chair
Jean Dickinson
Ellen Gilmore
Cody Hennesey
Dana Jemison
Margo Padilla
Mario Ramirez
Jim Ronningen
Michael Sholinbeck
Kai Stoeckenius

All speakers, panelists, breakout sessions and posters have been selected for the October, 2013 conference entitled Making it Count: Opportunities and Challenges for Library Assessment. Our website is up here: /conference-2013

Weve reserved a venue, the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley; a caterer; and a date, October 25, 2013. We plan to reprise the schedule from the 2011 conference, with a speaker and a panel in the morning, breakout sessions in the afternoon, posters available at lunch, and a reception on the terrace after the final closing speaker. LAUC-B incoming chair Lynn Jones will moderate. Registration will open in late summer. We are on budget. We hope to record the conference for later viewing.

Please visit our website for more details.

Nominations and Elections Committee

Report by David Eifler and Waverly Lowell (co-chairs)


Michaelyn Burnette (2014)
David Eifler, Co-Chair (2013)
Waverly Lowell, Co-Chair (2013)
Brian Quigley (2014)

2013 Election

The Nominations and Elections Committee is in the process of receiving nominations for candidates in the upcoming LAUC-B election.

LAUC-B Executive Board positions

The positions open this year include Vice-Chair/Chair Elect (3 year term), Treasurer (2 year term), Secretary, two Library Representatives, and the Vice Chair/Chair Elect of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs who becomes the Affiliated representative to LAUC-B the following year (2 year term.)

Additional nominations will be sought from the floor during the March 20th LAUC-B Spring Assembly.  Candidates will be announced at the April 10 LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting.  Voting will be through an online ballot for both LAUC-B and LAUC statewide elections. Candidates statements will be available on the LAUC-B website. The online polls will be open from May 17 until June 3. Online ballots will be due by the close of election day, June 3.