2011 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Committee Reports
Spring Assembly 2011
12 April 2011 at 8:30-10:00 a.m., Morrison Library

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)
Report by Chair Brian Quigley

CAPA Members:
Brian Quigley, Chair (2011)
Jim Church (2012) Rita Evans (2012) Kathi Neal (2013)
Jennifer Nelson (2013) Jane Rosario (2011) Virginia Shih (2011)

Summary of activities for the period 11/1/2010-4/1/2011:

1. Position Descriptions Reviewed 1
Reference and Instruction Librarian (Thomas J. Long Business Library)

2. Candidate Interviews 0

3. Librarian Review Process
Thirty-three cases are eligible for review, 6 of which come from the Affiliated Libraries.
Four Ad Hoc Committees were appointed to review 4 Career Status and 4 Promotion
cases. Six candidates have requested accelerated reviews. Twenty-three dossiers have been received, and CAPA has completed review of 9.

4. Proposal to Revise Procedures on Ad Hoc Committees
CAPA has proposed that the Berkeley Procedures be revised to require that ad hoc
committees reviewing librarians from The Library must have at least one member from
The Library (rather than two) and those reviewing librarians from Affiliated Libraries must have at least one member from Affiliated Libraries (rather than two). In practice, this means that an ad hoc committee could review cases from both The Library and Affiliated Libraries as long as it includes at least one member from each. ExComm will call for comments on this proposal from the LAUC-B membership.

Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs
Report by Chair Ramona Martinez

Committee Members: Ramona Martinez (2010) - Chair Jennifer Nelson (2011) - Vice-Chair

Committee Activities:

A. Spring Assembly
April 4, 2011, 8:30 10:00 a.m.
Goldberg Room
UC Berkeley School of Law

The Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs held its Spring Assembly on April 4, 2011. Linda Vida, Director of the Water Resources Center Archives, spoke about her experience of moving the WRCA collection to its new southern California home. WRCA will be housed partly at UC Riverside and partly at CSU San Bernardino. Everyone was fascinated by the myriad of details,
both logistical and technical, that went into the move and that continue to be worked out in the

New contact information for the library is as follows: Orbach Science Library
PO Box 5900, Rm. 118
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521 ph: 951-827-2934
fx: 951-827-6378 waterarc [at] ucr.edu

Questions about the WRCA collection and access to it can be directed to Linda at lvida@ucr.edu or Paul Atwood (who is working on the Berkeley campus) at paul.atwood@ucr.edu.

B. Annual meeting with University Librarian

The Affiliated Libraries Administrative Group is planning its annual meeting with Tom Leonard. The group is deciding on the topics of discussion and looking at a meeting date in April or May.

Committee on Diversity
Report by Chair Debbie Jan


FY 2010/11 Committee Roster:
John Berry (2012)
Debbie Jan, Chair (2011)

Jenna Kreiss, Staff representative (2012) Jeffery Loo (2012)
Adnan Malik, Statewide representative (2011) Susan Wong, Ex-officio, LHRD representative

FY 2010/11 Activities:
The committee was asked by LAUC-B ExComm to continue the activities started by the LAUC-B Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring.

Three activities are being offered this year: Job Shadowing Program, Library Conference
Mentorship Program, and Staff Mentorship Program.

The Job Shadowing Program is an opportunity for Library and Affiliated Library staff to spend 2 hours interacting and observing a librarian or professional library staff member in a field of the staff member's interest for career or professional development.

The Library Conference Mentorship Program offers the opportunity for staff attending a professional conference to be matched to a UCB librarian also attending.

The Staff Mentorship Program is a longer-term program. It offers the opportunity for Library and Affiliated Library staff to be mentored by a librarian or professional library staff member. The program obligation is for 1 academic year.

In addition, there was interest on the committee to offer a library school internship program, which publicizes the opportunities and advantages of utilizing interns in various UCB libraries. The program, "Learning How a Library School Intern Can Help You" with four fabulous speakers (Jane Fisher from SJSU, David Eifler from ENVI, David de Lorenzo from The Bancroft Library, and John Berry from Ethnic Studies Library) was held Tuesday, April 5, 2011. An Internship Resources webpage, linked to from the committee homepage, was created to provide folks with more information.

Committee on Research
Report by Chair Kai Stoeckenius

Kai Stoeckenius, Chair, (2011)
Lily Castillo-Speed (Affiliated representative) (2011)
William Benemann (Affiliated representative) (2012) Jennifer Dorner (2012)
Paul Hamburg (Townsend Fellow representative) (2012)
Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz (2011)

Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini Grants

After the dearth of interest in LAUC Research Grants, the Committee was pleased to receive five LAUC Research Grant proposals this year. All five were forwarded to the LAUC statewide Committee on Research after after review and revision. There were no applications for Presentation or Mini Grants. The Committee has no word as yet on whether any of the proposals have been accepted.

Townsend Center Library Fellowship
The Committee persuaded the Townsend Center to extend the deadline for applications for the
Library Fellowship to Dec. 10, 2010. The Townsend Center received four applications for the
Library Fellowship. As of this writing the Committee has not heard of the selection for this years
Townsend Library Fellow.

LAUC-B Web Documentation for the Committee on Research
The Research Committee pages on the LAUC-B site have been revised and updated with current
information and additional references for the Townsend Fellowship and LAUC Research grants.
We are also working with the Townsend Center to incorporate information on specific to the
Library Fellowship on the Centers own web-site as well.

Letter to review initiators
The Committee has drafted a letter to be sent to all administrators who are review initiators for librarians asking for their support of librarian research and advocating the value of independent research both for the professional development of the individual and for the Library as a whole.

Committee on Professional Development
Report by Chair Kendra Levine

The Professional Development Committee will host a workshop on Project Management on the morning of May 11th in the Morrison Library. Joann Starr from CDL will be presenting. She is the Manager of Strategic and Project Planning and EZID Service Manager.

Conference Planning Committee (2011)
Report by Co-chairs I-Wei Wang & Margaret Phillips

Committee Members:
Harrison Dekker Virginia Shih Jesse Silva Monica Singh Christina Tarr
Jill Woolums

Fiat Flux: Changing Universities, Challenges for Libraries, on October 21, 2011, will provide a day-long opportunity to explore and reflect on emerging trends in higher education and their implications for academic libraries. The conference will feature speakers, presenters and posters drawn from around the UCs and beyond,and will be held at the new David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley; registration begins in September.

Fiat Flux - let there be change.

Nominations and Elections Committee
Report by Chair John Gallwey

Members of the LAUC-B Nominations and Elections Committee are: James Eason (2011-2012)
Manuel Erviti (2011-2012)
John Gallwey, Co-Chair, Affiliated Representative (2010-2011)
Jianye He, Co-Chair (2010-2011)

2011 Election
The Nominations and Elections Committee has worked to find candidates to run for the 2011-2012
LAUC-B Executive Board positions. The positions open this year include Vice-Chair/Chair Elect,
Secretary, Treasurer, two Library Representatives, and an Affiliated Representative.

Candidates will be announced at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly on Tuesday, April 12 and further nominations will be sought from the floor during that meeting.

Last years election featured a major innovation in that voting moved from the traditional paper ballots to an electronic platform. Voting this year will again be electronic. Electronic ballots will be sent out during the week of May 16 using a secure URL. Candidate statements will be available on the LAUC-B website. Ballots will be due by the close of election day, Wednesday, June 1.