I have shelves in need of repair. What do I do?

Send an email to describing your issues, and we will evaluate how to best address them.

Can Facilities help me move a few items?

If you are moving a couple of items of furniture or simple repairs and installations, Small jobs can sometimes be managed by our Facilities staff, depending on their workload. Send an email to to ask about availability.

I need to move a lot of items. What do I do?

Larger moving and disposal jobs must be handled by Campus Movers. Send an email to, and we will help coordinate your move.

Who should be contacted if we have furniture that needs to be repaired?

Most office furniture and workstations on campus are provided by Steelcase, Inc. Their furniture carries a permanent warranty on anything made since 1994, with a few exceptions for things like seating mechanisms and fabric wear. You can file a Request for Service/Warranty Repair yourself. If you need more information, or the furniture is not Steelcase, send us a question at