Task Force on Diversity and Recruitment


Saima Fazli, Technical Services
Carole McEwan, Technical Services


The Task Force will advise the LAUC-B Executive Committee on issues related to the recruitment of promising students or staff at UCB into librarianship and make recommendations designed to strengthen our recruitment of a diverse group of people into librarianship. The work of the task force should include, but not be limited to:

  • Survey existing programs and projects aimed at recruiting and supporting a diverse workforce into the library profession for consideration by LAUC-B.
  • Gather ideas and input from staff who are in -- or recent graduates of -- library or information schools.
  • Gather quantifiable statistics about the diversity of the library profession for use in assessing Berkeley's current situation and in meeting LAUC-B's goal for diversity.


The Task Force will submit a report of what it has learned and its recommendations to the LAUC-B Executive Committee by August 31, 2007.