2006 Spring Assembly

LAUC-B Spring Assembly 

May 15, 2006 
8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 
Morrison Library 

Handouts: Spring Assembly Agenda 

Issues and Goals Statement 

I. Welcome from Tom Leonard 

LAUC-B Chair Lily Castillo-Speed called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. University 
Librarian Tom Leonard welcomed the membership and encouraged us to read Kevin 
Kelly's "Scan This Book!" from the New York Times Magazine (May 14, 2006). 

II. Announcements and Introduction of New LAUC Members 

The LAUC Spring Assembly will be held at UCLA on June 1. 

Lily introduced the new LAUC-B members: Anne-Marie Basso (Research & Collections), 
Frank Lester (Institute of Governmental Studies Library), Adnan Malik (South/Southeast 
Asia Library), Karen Munro (Instructional Services), Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol (Research & 
Collections), Joey Nicholson (Public Health Library), Corinne Robinson (Research & 
Collections) and Jesse Silva (Research & Collections). 

III. Recognition of Librarians Who Have Retired Since May 2005 

Lily recognized the six librarians who have retired since May 2005: Phyllis Bischoff, Cris 
Campbell, Ron Heckart, Ginny Irving, Ann Jensen and Beth Sibley. 

IV. Announcement of LAUC-B Elections Slate 

Tanya Hollis, Co-chair of the Nominations & Elections Committee, announced the 
LAUC-B slate (..min20060501ne.html). The 
election date is Wednesday, June 7th. All ballots must be returned by this date.

V. Reports 

Lily Castillo-Speed, Chair 

Lily reported on the accomplishments of the Executive Committee related to its "Issues 
and Goals for LAUC-B 2005-2006." Some major accomplishments include the following: 

ExComm charged the Committee on Diversity with investigating the librarian 
recruitment and selection process. 

LAUC-B requested and received "Supplemental Travel Funding" of $75 per 
librarian in its budget for 2005-2006. 

ExComm established a Task Force on Library Internships. 

ExComm called for volunteers for the LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee 
(2007), which will address "Librarian 2.0 : the evolution of librarianship in the 
digital century." 

Lily also discussed work that the Executive Committee still needs to do. Her full report 
can be found at ..chairsreport-spring2006.pdf. 

Mary Ann Mahoney, CAPA

CAPA reviewed six position announcements and participated in interviews for five 
positions so far this term. CAPA has also begun its work on the 2005 reviews. 
Consult the written report for more details: 

Dayna Holz, Committee on Diversity 

The Committee on Diversity has been investigating the librarian recruitment and selection 
process. They submitted a draft report to ExComm based on interviews with unit heads, 
former CAPA members and an LHRD representative. Over the summer, they will expand 
the report and issue their recommendations.

VI. Guest Speaker: Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, University of California, Berkeley 
Chancellor Birgeneau spoke about his diversity initiatives and the role of library services 
in research and teaching. Berkeley has an opportunity to play a leadership role in 
diversity and education. 

Berkeley Diversity Research Initiative 


Berkeley Initiative for Leadership in Diversity 


Campus Community Initiative 


Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research 


VII. Adjournment 
The Assembly was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.