1997 Spring Assembly

LAUC-B Spring Assembly
7 May 1997
Morrison Room, Doe Library


I. Minutes of the Fall Assembly were approved.

II. Announcements

W. Benemann announced that links had been added to the LAUC-B web page, linking it with the web pages of other LAUC chapters. He also announced that the LAUC-B e-mail reflector had been updated, and asked that he be notified if member have any problems with receiving messages.

D. Sommer passed on an observation from Locke Morrisey (UC Irvine) that some librarians are reaching the maximum allowed accrued vacation because scheduling demands prevent them from taking time off. This problem does not seem to be affecting librarians on the Berkeley campus.

III. T. Dean presented a gift to Alex Warren, in appreciation for his hospitality in hosting LAUC-B functions in the Morrison Room.

IV. Report from the Chair (T. Dean)

LAUC-B has been working closely with Leon Litwack, the Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Library. We have presented the Committee with an analysis of the Library budget, and with our evaluation of the Library Planning and Action Initiative (for a Digital Library).

Speakers at special sessions of the LAUC-B Executive Committee have included Leon Litwack, Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Library, and Genaro Padilla, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs.

CAPA has suggested changes to the Berkeley guidelines that would make more explicit the criteria for promotion to Librarian V, and would address the situation of AULs with a 0% appointment in the Librarian Series.

LAUC-B has received support for the Copyright Conference from Sun, UCOP and LAUC.

LAUC-B plans a series of programs this year on professional development.

Librarians have been granted access to the faculty modem pool.

There will be a "town meeting" to discuss the report of the Cultural Diversity Committee's Ad Hoc Committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues.

The Executive Committee has received a letter from the Nominations and Elections Committee discussing the difficulty of recruiting librarians for LAUC and LAUC-B offices. Ex Comm is working to address those concerns.

The librarian Townsend Center Fellow for 1997/98 will be Maryly Snow.

V. LAUC-B Committee Reports

A. CAPA (G. Irving). CAPA is in the middle of its review cycle. Lateness of dossiers continues to be a problem, more in the Library than in the Affiliated Libraries. Of the 44 cases to be reviewed, only 16 of the 29 from the Library, and 11 of the 15 from the Affiliateds have been received. Of the cases reviewed last year, in four cases there was a disagreement between CAPA and the final decision-maker. Because of the lack of new hires, librarians on the Berkeley campus are beginning to cluster in the upper Associate and lower full Librarian ranks. The major peer review documents (relevant Librarian APM sections, Berkeley Procedures, and LAUC Position Paper #1) have been mounted on the LHRD web site. The LAUC-B Executive Committee has acted on two of CAPA's recommendations from last cycle. The first clarifies options for review at Librarian step IV--proposed changes to the Berkeley Procedures have been forwarded to The Vice Chancellor. The second involves procedures for reviewing term-limited AULs who continue to hold 0% appointments in the Librarian series; an Ad Hoc committee reported its recommendations to Ex Com which adopted their proposed guidelines with some revisions. These guidelines have been submitted to The Library administration.

B. Affiliated Libraries (R. Brandt). Richard Lucier spoke at the Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly on plans for the Digital Library. The Chicano Studies, Asian-American Studies and Native American Studies libraries are to be clustered together as the Ethnic Studies Libraries. The NRLF holdings of Affiliated Libraries will now show on GLADIS, even though the majority of the location's records do not appear. Records will be tagged to indicate which library is storing the material at NRLF.

C. Cultural Diversity Committee (B. Anton). There will be two showings of a videotape recording of the seminar on Proposition 209 that was held at Boalt Hall Law School, and an Early Bird "town meeting" on the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues. The Cultural Diversity Committee has been reviewing the Ad Hoc Committee's report and will be relaying Berkeley's response to the statewide committee. The CDC is working on guidelines for the distribution of job announcements.

D. Research and Professional Development (G. Mills). The Committee presented three programs on the peer review process: one for review initators, one for candidates, and one in which the University Librarian expressed his views and expectations about the process. They also hosted the forum on the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues. Other programs included Bob Berring speaking on the future of libraries and librarianship, Ken Dowlin on the San Francisco Public Library experience, and Charles Faulhaber on using the WWW in the classroom. SLA has asked us to co-sponsor a site for the national teleconference on the Future of Libraries.

E. Research Grants (J. Tsou). Applications are being evaluated. It is likely that two projects will be funded from the Berkeley campus this year.

F. Nominations and Elections (M. Phillips). The candidates for LAUC-B and LAUC-Statewide offices were announced. The election will be held June 20th.

G. Academic Senate Committee on Library (D. Sommer). Leon Litwack has proven to be a strong ally for us. Following his meeting with Ex Comm and LAUC-B members, he brought our concerns almost verbatim to the Committee on Library.

F. Distinguished Librarian Award (K. Vanden Heuvel). Requests for nominations will go out in the next two to three weeks. The deadline for submitting names for consideration will be either August 15th or 30th.

G. Treasurer's Report (T. Dean). The Library administration has voiced concerns regarding the practice of awarding a flat amount of travel money to all members. LAUC-B will discuss the issue with the administration.

VI. LAUC-Statewide Committee Reports

A. Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction (J. Larrabee). The report of the Committee will be sent out on e-mail.

B. Cultural Diversity Committee (S. Hinojosa, by B. Anton). The Committee has concerned itself with three issues this year: recruitment/retention of minority librarians, the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues, and an updating of the Many Voices of Diversity report.

C. Library Plans and Policies (A. Mitchell). No report.

D. Professional Governance (D. Kearny). The report was handed out at the meeting, and sent out on the LAUC-B reflector.

E. Scholarly Communication (R. Tennant by T. Dean). The Committee's web page has been reformulated into an electronic journal.

F. Research and Professional Development ( J. Tsou). Committee selections for research grants have been passed on to UCOP, but they have not yet been approved for funding. There is a possibility that two grant projects from Berkeley will be funded.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 AM.