2000 Spring Assembly

Berkeley Division Minutes


3 May 2000


Handouts: Agenda; Draft LAUC-B Fall Assembly Minutes; Committee Reports; Organization Chart for the College of Letters and Sciences (Breslauer)

  1. Welcome

Barbara Glendenning, LAUC-B chair, called the meeting to order at 8:35 and welcomed the members.

II. Announcements and Introductions

  1. Glendenning announced the names of new librarians: Bill Brown, M. Gordon, Patty Iannuzzi, L. McLain, A. Ritch, I. Stirling

  3. Ann Jensen was introduced as the Townsend Center Fellow for 2000/01.
  4. LAUC statewide assembly is scheduled for 1 June 00 at Santa Barbara.
  1. Minutes of the 1999 Fall Assembly
Approved with one correction.

IV. Annual Reports

  1. Chair


    --LAUC Chair met monthly with the University Librarian

    --The 1999/2000 budget request was fully funded

    --The Librarian Recruitment Checklist was drafted

    --A brown bag lunch was held for informal discussion of the proposal to add steps to the Librarian series

    --The Vice Chair led a discussion of LAUC priorities in preparation for his tenure as Chair next year

    --Townsend Center Fellow applications were reviewed and the Fellow appointed

    --The Cultural Diversity Committee reviewed and made recommendations on the Librarian Recruitment Checklist, minority recruitments, and an expanded list of publications and other places to advertise professional openings

    --LAUC participated in interviews for appointments in the Music, East Asian, Engineering, and Public Health libraries

    --LAUC Ex Comm reviewed Librarians Office guidelines for librarian travel funding

    --LAUC Ex Comm drafted a proposal for appointment of emeritus librarians and submitted it to the University Librarian



    Six research proposals requesting $50,000 were received; 4 were funded for a total budget of $30,000. Noting the small number of applications and confusion about how proposals are to be prepared, the Committee took steps to simplify the application process. Two calls for proposals will be consolidated into one call; information will be disseminated explaining the guidelines; a liaison will be appointed to encourage applications and answer questions, and an increase to the budget will be requested.

  3. Research & Professional Development (Statewide) -- M. Miller


    The Committee is moving through the advancement dossier review process; this year 27 dossiers were received, of which 2/3 are nearly complete.

  4. CAPA -- B. Anton


    The following 2000/01 slate was presented and approved:

    Vice Chair: C. Campbell

    Secretary: J. Fong

    Treasurer: B. L'Hermitte

    Alternates: N. Robinson, K. Frohmberg

    Affiliated Alternates: S. Trosow, J. Gallwey

  5. Nominations & Elections -- G. Handman
  6. Statewide Reports
The Chair noted that the report calendar has been revised, so that committees which are appointed in the fall have a full year to complete their charges. Consequently, final reports will be delivered at Fall Assembly. Interim reports were included with the agenda for today's meeting.
  1. Old Business -- None

VI. New Business -- None

VII. Speaker -- George Breslauer, Dean for Social Sciences

Dean Breslauer updated the members on academic planning goals and faculty recruitment in the social sciences.
  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by:
David Farrell, Secretary