Spring Assembly Minutes 04/22/2020

LAUC-B Spring 2020 Assembly 
April 22, 2020

1:00-1:20 pm.  Business meeting

New LAUC-B members (N. Shiraishi) 

  • New Librarians
    • Natalia Estrada, Political Science & Public Policy Librarian
    • Jennifer Brown, Undergraduate Learning and Research Librarian
    • Kristie Chamorro, Instructional & Educational Technology Librarian, Law Library

Treasurer's report  (J. He)

  • This year we have spent conservatively.
  • Operating budget came through in April.
  • Current budget is $64,991.74

Diversity Task Force report  (R. Collins)

  • Currently in research phase of library programs around diversity, diversity fellows, recruiting for diversity.
  • Researching laws, similar existing programs, job descriptions.
  • Developing outline of final report.

Diversity Committee (C. Fidler and M. Hamed)

  • Critical Librarian Reading Group will probably meet online
  • Some Spring activities are postponed.
  • More details can be found in the committee's full report.

CAPA report  (E. Smith)

  • Due to the COVID-19 emergency, CAPA has temporarily moved to an online process for reviewing portfolios.
  • CAPA plans to finish the reviews on time.

LAUC-B Election (S. Teplitzky)

Nomination slate: 

  • Chair: Ramona Collins
  • Vice chair/Chair-elect: Susan McElrath
  • Secretary: Sherry Lochhaas
  • Treasurer: Jianye He
  • Library Representative: Anna Sackmann, Tim Vollmer
  • Incoming Affiliated Library Representative/CALA vice chair: Joe Cera
  • Further nominations were opened to the floor. No additional nominations were given. Nominations closed.
  • Ballots will be distributed online on May 16th.

1:20-1:50 pm.  Breakout Discussions: How can LAUC-B support its members during the Library closure?

Breakout Discussions (25 min.) 

  • Librarians met in small groups to discuss question. 

Report  (5 min.)

  • Short discussion, with groups contributing their additional comments to a shared Google Doc.

1:50pm-2:30pm. Presentation: "The (Changing) Data Landscape of COVID-19" by Ann Glusker

  • Ann spoke on critically evaluating a range of data sources on the COVID-19 epidemic.