1994 Spring Assembly

LAUC-B Spring Assembly
March 22, 1994

Recorder: Myrtis Cochran

I.   The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Byrne, LAUC-B

 II.  Introduction of Speaker, James A. Hyatt, UCB Associate
 Chancellor for Budget and Planning 

Associate Chancellor Hyatt opened his remarks with an overview of
the UC and UCB budgets.  He stated that from 1991-94 the level of
state support dropped  20%, $70 million.   Three significant
actions resulted: 1) three early retirement programs which caused
a 15-20% decrease in faculty at Berkeley and 890 FTE of staff; 2)
an increase in student fees, and 3) base budgeting in campus
services.  The above changes will impact new academic programs
and the number of faculty on campus. The impact on the library
can be seen in a decline in total volumes acquired, from 91,771
to 75,000; deferred maintenance backlog from $220 thousand to 130
thousand, a 3% budget cut for the Berkeley campus, and a
reduction in funding sources, from  48% down to 37%.
In the past,  the campus has met the budget crises and
supplemented library collections.  Now, the focus is on the size
of the faculty--what is the affordable size?  Is 10% less than
pre VERIP level an appropriate size for faculty? The Omega Report
will contain recommendations for an appropriate number of

Associate Chancellor Hyatt stated that reallocation of resources
will take place at Berkeley and other universities across the
country. In order to cope, we will have to: 1) look at revenue
and expenditure sides of the budget, look for other sources of
revenue, and design aggressive development programs, such as the
2001 campaign,  2) charge fees for services to private and
corporate users of the library; and 3) form more partnerships
with the private sector, publishers, other universities (public
and private) and information brokers.  In regards to
expenditures, we need to think globally not parochially.  State
support will be modest at best and will not increase anytime
soon.  Increases have been targeted for other areas such as

The Library is currently engaged in exciting ventures, planning
for a new university for the 21st century. We have an opportunity
to do things differently. In order to succeed, we need
involvement from all elements of the university community.  Hyatt
encouraged maintaining involvement with the Academic Planning
Board and the new Academic Planning Council.

Hyatt's talk was followed by a brief question and answer period.

III. The November 30, 1993 LAUC-B Fall Assembly minutes were approved as written.    

IV.  Introduction of New LAUC-B members:  Jeanne Fong, Engineering Library. 

V.   LAUC Statewide Activities

     A.   Teleconference Executive Board Meeting, March 16-
     B.   President and Past President attends Library Council
Meetings.  LAUC President Wilson and Past President Ritch,
regularly attend Library Council.  It has been noted that
participation at this level is very helpful.  

     C.   UC Academic Planning Council- The LAUC President and
Past President are on the Statewide Academic Council e-mail list. 
Neither the UC libraries, nor LAUC have a representative on the
council.  The LAUC Executive Board decided that there were other
important issues needing attention.  Therefore, they would not
seek a library appointment for this group. The e-mail list will
provide LAUC an avenue for input and allow some participation.  

     D.   Budget- LAUC is faced with a 10% budget cut, in
addition to the 10% cut last year.  In order to circumvent this
financial problem and carry on with LAUC activities,  the
membership is being polled for cost-cutting suggestions.  A
question was raised whether we could have one Statewide Assembly. 
A cost-cutting measure already in place is teleconferencing. 
There were one or two teleconferences held this year.  Money was
saved because the location was free. Other cost-saving
suggestions included combining LAUC Assemblies with other
meetings, i.e., ALA, SLA.  Comments on the feasibility of one
assembly should be sent to E.Byrne.

     E.   Statewide Listserv- UC Irvine will host the forthcoming
LAUC Statewide listserv, but volunteers are needed to help set it
up and to maintain it.

     F.   SRLF and NRLF Operations Committees-  A question was
raised whether LAUC needed representation on these committees,
since we have representation on the policy committees.  Consensus
was that we did not.

     G.   Statewide Logo-  A sales survey sheet will be
circulated with a list of items bearing the beautiful new LAUC
logo , e.g., lapel pins, t-shirts, umbrellas, etc., so members
can purchase these items.

     H.   Survey for Impact of Retrenchment on Peer Review- a
second annual survey on the impact of retrenchment on peer review
has been sent out. It will be issued in paper in order to
maintain confidentiality. E. Byrne asked the membership to
complete and return the survey.  

     I.   Nominating Committee-  The Statewide LAUC Nominating
Committee was delayed in presenting its slate because of
difficulties in getting people to run for office. 

     J.   Massey's talk at the LAUC Spring Assembly-  LAUC
President, J. Wilson, has taped copies of Provost Massey's
presentation at the Spring Assembly.  At this meeting, Massey was
surprised to find out the number of non-UC library users.  He was
informed that 12% of the UC libraries' budget is spent in support
of non-UC library users. As a response to a request from Massey
for more information,  LAUC President coordinated information
gathering from Gary Lawrence at the UC Office of the President,
the University Librarians and Library Council, and Lawrence
prepared a full analysis for Massey.  

     K.   Spring Statewide Assembly- The assembly will be held at
UC Riverside, May 6, 1994.

     L.   Minority Librarian Internship Program- LAUC Directors
agreed that a  recommendation to cut the Minority Internship
Program was a mistake. LAUC Statewide will draft a letter in
support of maintaining the program.

     M.   Statewide Minutes and Reports-  Statewide documents
were sent via e-mail  to the membership and will not be  reviewed
at this meeting.  Questions concerning  minutes or reports should
be sent to E. Byrne.

VI.  LAUC-B Activities

     A.   Goals and Action Plan-  LAUC-B Executive Committee's
goals are still in draft form. The draft was sent to LAUC-B
committees for input. Among the top goals is to increase
publicity for LAUC-B members.  G. Peete will work with P. Maughan
on soliciting and publicizing member activities.  The final
version of the goals will be available soon. 

     B.   Townsend Center for the Humanities Librarian Fellow-
Applications are currently being accepted by the Townsend Center
and LAUC-B for LAUC-B members interested in the position of
Townsend Librarian Fellow, 1994/95.  The librarian fellowship
provides an excellent opportunity to both learn about trends in
humanities research, and to inform faculty and graduate students
about significant developments and resources in the library and
the wider information environment.  The deadline for applications
is April 15. 

     C.   UL Search Committee- The LAUC-B Executive Committee
sent a letter to Heilbron urging the search for recruitment of a
UL to replace retiring UL Gregor.  Heilbron responded that a
search committee would be formed and two librarians would be
assigned.  The search committee is composed of nine members,
eight faculty and one librarian, B. Weil.  Professor Charles
Faulhaber, is the Chair.  The committee's deadline for
applications is mid-May.  

     D.   Response to proposal from Library School-  The
Executive Committee responded to the Library School Report with a
letter of support outlining areas of concern.  The development of
a new school has been approved.

     E.   Joint LAUC/LAG Omega Committee- L. Leighton. In
response to the staffing crisis in the Library,  LAUC-B
established the Task Force on Effective Allocation of Staff that
was charged to develop a proposed staffing plan for the Library.
Since the problem was larger than LAUC and librarians, the
Library Administration invited LAUC-B to form a joint
committee including members of the Library Administrative Group
and Library Assistants.  LAUC-B accepted the invitation and
joined with LAG to form the LAUC/LAG Task Force on Effective
Allocation of Staff (also known as the Library Omega Committee). 
L. Leighton and J. Burrows were named co-chairs.  Committee
members are: S. Rosenblatt, R. Moon, B. Kornstein, J.Pudewell, E.
Byrne, B. Hurley, D. Farrell, G.Peete, L. Osegueda, R.Heckart, I.
Abalos, and M. Mentges.

     F.   Travel- G. Peete.  The LAUC-B Executive Committee spent
a considerable amount of time discussing travel. Devising
procedures and designing a form was more complicated than
anticipated.  The committee is working on a plan to simplify
the travel procedures for next year.  G. Peete asked that LAUC-B
members, who have received funding but did not take the trip, let
him know by e-mail so that the funds could be reallocated. 
Travel reimbursement requests should be turned in to the Library
Business Office as soon as a trip is completed.

     E.   Byrne added that LAUC-B received a special allocation
of approximately $11,000 from the Library Administration to
supplement travel funds. 

     G.   Mentoring Program- L. Osegueda.  The Mentoring Program
for new librarians hosted a New librarians lunch in October.
Another luncheon is planned for March 23.  The luncheon is for
new librarians and their mentors. An e-mail inviting volunteers
to serve as mentors was sent out to the membership. The Mentor
Program is a good way for new librarians to meet informally with
long-time staff to discuss general topics regarding the job and
putting together a dossier.

     H.   Bylaws-  The Executive Committee will draft a proposal
to revise bylaws to include a new position of treasurer, and will
review the size of the Executive Committee.  The proposal will be
brought to the Assembly for discussion then added to the ballot
for a vote.

     I.   Upward Evaluation-  The sub-committee of last year's
Executive Committee has completed its report.  A new committee
will be formed to review and work with LHRD to implement. 

VI.  Reports from LAUC-B Committees and Task Forces

     A.   Nominations Committee- J. Tsou.  The Nominations
Committee experienced some difficulty in finding people to
run for LAUC-B Offices.  J. Tsou presented the 1994/95 slate: 
Vice Chair, Chair elect, L. Osegueda; Secretary, C. Eckman, M.
Harmon, M. Miller; Librarian Representative, W. Brem, D. Fortner,
B. Glendenning, V. Roumani-Denn; Affiliated Representative, D.
Kearny, L. Vida-Sunnen.  There was a call for additional
nominations from the assembly.  There were no further
nominations. The slate was approved as presented.

     B.   CAPA- L. Castillo-Speed.  The 1993/94 CAPA Committee
members were introduced: M. Ternberg, P. Maughan, I. Arguelles,
C. Wanat, M. Levin, B. Whitson, and L. Castillo-Speed. The
committee has met several times.  To date, no promotion or
merit review cases have been received.    CAPA will be
working with HRD to alleviate the delays in sending dossiers to
the committee. L. Castillo-Speed apologized in advance to those
undergoing review whose dossiers will be delayed because they
will not get a decision in a timely manner.  CAPA has new
guidelines for streamlining the review process.

     C.   Distinguished Librarian Award- G. Handman.  Committee
members: J. Dyla, M. Snow, W. Diamond, D. Clemens, History
Dept., G. Handman, Chair.  P. Maughan is helping with
communications.  The committee reviewed its guidelines and
expanded (text on gopher) wording to indicate breadth of
endeavors for librarians.  The perception is that it's
easier for public service librarians than technical service
librarians to get the award.  Handman encouraged LAUC members to
nominate co-workers because we know what our colleagues are

     D.   Professional Development Committee- P. Janes 
          Report not available. 

     E.   Task Force to Streamline Peer Review- A. Youmans 
          Report not available.

VII. Reports from LAUC-B Representatives to Statewide Committees
and Faculty Senate

     A.   Research and Professional Development- P. Schreur
One research proposal has been approved and 5 are under
consideration.  E. Byrne asked those present to start thinking
about research proposals for next year.
     B.   Committees, Rules & Jurisdictions- R. Lhermitte
The committee has met once. Topics under discussion include 1)
extending and defining rights of retired and recalled librarians. 
The committee has taken a conservative view and recommendations
will be made in time for the next election. 2) The LAUC Irvine
chair pointed out that Berkeley bylaws changes require a 2/3
majority.  Statewide demands only a majority.  The LAUC-B ballot
will contain a section for members to vote on whether Berkeley
should change its bylaws to align with Statewide.  A question was
raised as to whether the 2/3 referred to the number of votes cast
or the number of LAUC members. R. Lhermitte will investigate the

     C.   Faculty Senate Library Committee- B. Kornstein.
 Most of the committee's time has been spent on branch
consolidation.  The Committee has been given the branch
consolidation planning document.  Kornstein noted that Library
representatives to the Committee are educating the group about
the Library's serious budgetary situation.  Members have been
invited to an IS&T forum and to tour the new underground addition
to the Library.

VIII.     Questions and Announcements

The meeting was adjourned.