Membership Meeting Minutes 5/1/06

LAUC-B Membership Meeting 

Nominations & Elections 

May 1, 2006 
11:00 am – 11:30 am 

Nominees for 2006/2007 LAUC-B Executive Committee Offices 

Per the bylaws, the Nominations and Elections Committee must “present the nominations and the 
candidates for office at a business meeting to be held at least one month prior to the elections, 
where it shall be possible for the membership to present nominations from the floor.” Because 
the LAUC-B Spring Assembly will occur within a month of the elections this year, ExComm called 
a special business meeting for this purpose. 

Tanya Hollis and Kai Stoeckenius, co-chairs of the Nominations and Elections Committee, 
announced the slate of candidates for 2006/2007 LAUC-B Executive Committee Offices: 


Armada Barone 

Secretary (Vote for one) 

Jennifer Nelson 

Carole McEwan 

Library Representatives (Vote for two) 

Juliet Demeter 

Jean Dickinson 

Virginia Shih 

Josh Schneider 


Affiliated Representative (1 year term) 

Susan Garbarino 


Affiliated Representative Alternate (2 year term) 

Shannon Supple 


Statewide slate: 


Vice President/President-Elect: Bob Heyer-Gray, LAUC-D 


Secretary: John Sisson, LAUC-I 


Ballots will be mailed to the membership the week of May 15. Candidates’ statements will be 
available on the LAUC-B website. The election date is Wednesday, June 7th. All ballots must be 
returned by this date. 


The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am. Per the bylaws, the nominations formally closed at that time.