2005 Fall Assembly Minutes

LAUC-B Fall Assembly 

November 10, 2005 
8:30 am  10:00 am 

Handouts: Fall Assembly Agenda 

Committee Reports 

Issues and Goals Statement 

I. Call to Order 

LAUC-B Chair Lily Castillo-Speed called the meeting to order at 8:30 am and welcomed 
the membership. 

II. Introduction of New LAUC Members 

Lily introduced the new LAUC-B members: Imad Abuelgasim (Technical 
Services/Original Cataloging), Jean Dickinson (Technical Services/Original Cataloging), 
Paul Hackett (Bancroft Library), Jianye He (East Asian Library), Dayna Holz 
(Environmental Design Archives), Kathryn Neal (Bancroft Library), Jennifer Nelson (Law 
Library/Robbins Collection), Josh Schneider (Bancroft Library), Shannon Supple (Law 
Library/Robbins Collection), and Susan Xue (East Asian Library/Center for Chinese 

III. Call for Additional Agenda Items or Concerns to be Taken to the LAUC Assembly, 
Dec. 1, 2005
No additional items or concerns were raised. IV. LAUC-B Committee Reports Jean McKenzie, CAPA CAPA reviewed 41 cases during its 04/05 term. It also reviewed 14 position announcements and participated in interviews for 16 positions. Consult the written report for more details: ..comrepfall2005.pdf

Michael Sholinbeck, Committee on Research The Committee on Research will be hosting two events about research opportunities for the membership: LAUC Research Grants Brown Bag (12/6, 12:00-1:00, 303 Doe) and Townsend Fellows Brown Bag (2/6, 12:00-1:00, 303 Doe). V. Report from the Chair Lily presented a statement on Issues and Goals for LAUC-B 2005-2006 (..issuesandgoals0506.pdf). She listed several accomplishments related to these issues and goals: ExComm charged the Committee on Diversity with investigating the librarian recruitment and selection process. LAUC-B requested Supplemental Travel Funding of $75 per librarian in its budget for 2005-2006. LAUC-B co-sponsored the Pay Equity Forum on November 9 with the UC Berkeley Labor Coalition and the library administration. ExComm is discussing digitization projects and the evolution of librarianship as a potential topic for the LAUC-B Conference in Spring 2007. ExComm is investigating templates for LAUC-B committee web pages. ExComm will also look into other ways to improve communication among committees, including CAPA. Lily thanked those involved with the Distinguished Librarian Award, the Academic Review Early Bird and the Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly for their excellent work. VI. Questions and Other Announcements Carole McEwan, Staff Development Committee, asked supervisors to encourage their staff to apply for funding. The Committee can award up to $600 per person to support educational or career-related activities. Consult its website for more information: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Staff/SDC/. Terry Huwe, LAUC Executive Board, reported that the UL at UCSD increased professional development funding for librarians from $1000/year to $2000/year.
VII. Guest Speaker: Daniel Greenstein, University Librarian for Systemwide Library
Planning and the California Digital Library
Dan Greenstein spoke about new developments related to the Open Content Alliance (http://www.opencontentalliance.org/). UC will be creating a collection of out-of-copyright American literature for the Open Content Alliance. Sample books can be viewed in the Open Library (http://openlibrary.org/). Dan also addressed new developments related to scholarly communication. VIII. Adjournment The Assembly was adjourned at 10:00 am.