Fall Assembly Minutes 11/28/2018

LAUC-B Fall Assembly
November 28, 2018
Morrison Library
8:30 - 10:00 am

Business Meeting

I.    8:30 am - Welcome and Call to Order - Jane Rosario

  •  Announcements:

    • Brown bag on academic freedom, Dec. 3rd, 12-1pm, 303 Doe
    • Distinguished Librarian Awards ceremony, Dec. 11th, 4-6pm, Morrison Library
    • New Librarians Event, December 13, 3:30-4:30 p.m., 303 Doe Library, followed by LAUC-B Happy Hour at the Faculty Club
  • Membership - Jane Rosario
    • New Librarians since the Spring Assembly:

      • Abby Scheel will begin as Head of the Arts & Humanities Division on January 7, 2019
  • Departures/Separations since the Spring Assembly:
    • Holly Hatheway
    • Ian Knabe
    • Jeffery Loo
    • Cody Hennesy
    • Maria Gould
    • Kortney Rupp
  • Retirements since the Spring Assembly:

    • Waverly Lowell
    • Myrtis Cochran
    • Jim Ronningen
    • Jean McKenzie
    • Nick Robinson
    • Barclay Ogden
    • Jim Larrabee
    • Susan Koskinen (retiring Dec. 14, 2018)
  • Treasurer’s Report - Randy Brandt

    • We have a budget.  Everything we asked for in the budget was granted.  
  • Committee Reports - All written committee reports are available on the LAUC-B Assemblies webpage.

    • CAPA Report - Jesse Silva
    • Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs - Dean Rowan
    • Committee on Diversity - Kiyoko Shiosaki
    • Committee on Professional Development - Rebecca Miller
    • Committee on Research - Anna Sackman
    • Distinguished Librarian Award Committee - Jennifer Nelson
    • Nominations and Elections Committee - Manuel Erviti
    • Committee on Research and Professional Development - Jeremy Ott
    • Report from the Chair - Jane Rosario
  • Review of actions so far:
    • Appointed members of the Social Justice Events Planning Group
    • Appointed Naomi Shiraishi as Vice Chair
  • Issues coming up in the future:

    • Staying abreast of developments of the UC/Elsevier negotiations
    • Examination of committee memberships, specifically requirements for committee composition; possible bylaws change
    • More ways to encourage and support librarian research (discussion with Committee on Research and Professional Development)
    • Brown bags from the Social Justice Event Planning group
  • Issues from statewide

    • Revision of Position Paper #5, The Academic Librarian in the University of California, still in process, handled by LAUC’s Committee on Professional Governance
    • Statement on academic freedom and principal investigator status in process
    • Barriers to engagement discussion -- which we will have this morning
    • Statewide assembly will be held at UC Riverside, either March 22nd or March 28th

II.    9:00 - 10:00 am - Activity charged by LAUC Statewide:  

Focused discussions on barriers to LAUC Participation.

Roger Smith, LAUC Statewide President, has asked all LAUC divisions to address this charge, which reads in part:

Following initial statewide LAUC Executive Board discussions in August and September, I am issuing a charge that campus divisions hold discussions about barriers to participating in LAUC and deliver a report summarizing the findings.

  • To address this charge we split into three groups, each group discussed each of the following three questions:
  1. What is the impact of workload and sufficient time to devote to LAUC/LAUC-B positions? (Do you have enough time to serve LAUC/LAUC-B and fulfill your primary responsibilities? etc.)
  2. What do you think the perceived value of LAUC/LAUC-B and its work is? (Have any policy decisions made by LAUC/LAUC-B affected you? What actions has LAUC/LAUC-B taken that have affected you? How does library administration view LAUC/LAUC-B’s work? Etc.)
  3. What is the perceived value of LAUC from a professional standpoint? (Have you benefited professionally from serving LAUC/LAUC-B? Did you learn new skills from a LAUC/LAUC/B committee or office? Have you received a grant? Have you benefited from mentoring?

The charge and questions produced a good deal of lively discussion, suggestions, questions and comments.  Each group discussion was facilitated by two ExComm members who also took notes.   

J. Rosario will summarize the notes and send them, together with a description of our activity to Roger Smith.

10:00 am - Assembly adjourned.