Fall Assembly Minutes 11/17/2020

LAUC-B Fall Assembly Minutes
November 17, 2020
12:30pm - 2:00pm; Virtual

12:30-1:15 pm: Speaker Presentation: Jennifer Chayes

  • Introduction of the Speaker by Jeff Mackie-Mason
  • Jennifer Chayes, Associate Provost of the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society, and Dean of the School of Information to speak on how the Library and the ISchool can collaborate on data initiatives

Summary of points touched upon:

  • Computing is often an isolated endeavor, we can work to integrate computing & data science into other disciplines
  • Vision: educate researchers to approach data ethically and masterfully
  • Data science & analysis as a common tool everyone uses at the university for research & learning
  • Use of data in significant research areas, such as climate and sustainability, biomedicine & human health, human welfare & social justice.


  • How can librarians be involved? Building and managing data repositories, public datasets, sharing data across disciplines, teaching data literacy

1:15 pm - Business Meeting

1. Committee Reports, including CAPA annual report

  • CAPA Report, presented by Elliott Smith
    • Full Report will be in the Committee Reports
    • CAPA reviews positions, has reviewed no new positions since May 1
    • Reviewed 30 cases, 25 in the main library, 5 in affiliated libraries
    • CAPA is working on transitioning to an online system for reviews
  • Diversity Committee, presented by Christina Fidler
    • Started a Critical Librarianship Reading Group. 12-15 average participants. Reading list found at this link.
    • Co-sponsored along with FSM, Ethnic Studies Library, and SDC, the American Culture Center hosted a screening of the film Amá.
    • Representation on the Good Ideas Task Force, and Task Force for Racial Justice
  • Conference Planning, presented by Shannon Kealey and Corliss Lee: 
    • Working on next year’s conference and budget proposal. This year’s committee includes members from other UCs as well.
  • DLA, Nominations & Elections, Research & Professional Development, Affiliated Libraries: No in-person report. Full reports will be included in the Committee Reports.

2. Recognition of new and departed librarians

  • New librarians hired since Spring Assembly:
    • Osman Celik, Resource Acquisitions Librarian
    • Jackie Gosselar, Systems and Discovery Services Librarian
    • Marissa Friedman, Digital Project Archivist
    • Jane Rosario, now the Head of the Collection Services Division  (Existing staff member, hired into new position)
  • No retirements/separations since Spring Assembly

3. Announcements

  • LAUC-B Survey recently emailed out

1:30 pm - Adjourned