LAUC-B / Affiliated Libraries 2017 Joint Fall Assembly

LAUC-B / Affiliated Libraries Joint Fall Assembly, 2017

September 29, 2017, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.

Morrison Library


Total attendance: 61 attendees


Business meeting


I. Welcome and call to order - B. Quigley

a. Comments on BIOS/PUBL merger letter by Monday.

b. Research Grant applications due by Oct 18

c. LAUC-B conference on Oct. 20


II. Membership - J. Eason 

a. Welcome new members

Nicole Brown

Adam Clemons

Mohamed Hamed

Lisa Monhoff

Julie Musson (née Goldsmith)

Josh Quan

Kortney Rupp

Kiyoko Shiosaki

Stella Tang

b. Retirements

Armanda Barone

Cheryl Cook

Harrison Dekker

Ellen Gilmore

Terence Huwe

Lynn Jones

Charleen Kubota

c. Other departures

Lee Adams

Charles Macquarie

Shannon Supple

Karen Yu


III. CAPA report - M. Phillips (see written report)

a. Members (2016-17) introduced.

b.Those interested in future CAPA service who have never been on Ad Hoc Review Committee should express interest to the incoming Chair, Jesse Silva. Ad Hoc service is a prerequisite.


IV. CALA Chair’s report - D. Rowan 

a.This is joint assembly, so there will not be a Fall Affilateds assembly, but CALA hopes to present an Affiliated-sponsored event this fall. There will be a separate Spring Affiliated assembly.


V. TALAG report - L. Castillo-Speed

a.Terry Huwe, former TALAG Chair, retired.

b.Two new TALAG members: Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and Pacific Film Archive.

c.Library conservators provided a disaster response/preparedness workshop for Affiliateds.


VI. LAUC-B Chair’s report - B. Quigley 

a.LAUC-B upcoming efforts

i.Evaluation of two-year funding pilot for professional development funds, including an upcoming survey.

ii.Strategic plan support

iii.50th anniversary of LAUC-B.

iv.Bylaws revision expected: housekeeping and combining Research and Professional Development committees.

b.Statewide president’s news

i.Theme: “LAUC – the Next 50 Years.”

ii.Review of Position Paper 5 slated.

iii.Website review.

iv.Statewide assembly in Spring will be at UCSF.



Introduction - Beth Dupuis

Speaker - Safiya Noble, USC Annenberg School of Communication

Topic:  social justice and bias in digital media and the internet, with a focus on implications for academic libraries.