Executive Commitee Minutes 08/10/2022

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Transition Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2022, 10 am - 12:00 pm

Present: Susan McElrath, Jose Adrian Barragan-Alvarez, Kristie Chamorro, Ramona Collins, Jennifer Dorner, Ann Glusker,  Lara Michels,  Michele Morgan, Kate Peck, Abby Scheel, Jesse Silva, Christina Velazquez Fidler

I. Announcements and introductions

II. Year in Review Reports

A. Secretary (A. Scheel)

B. Treasurer (L. Michels)

  •  Total 2021/2022 FY expenditures: $22,920
  1. Employee development and training: $3,971
  2. Conferences: $6,068
  3. Memberships: $6,792
  4. Out-of-State Travel: $2,140
  5. In-State Travel: $3,574
  6. Foreign Travel: $1,368
  7. Course Materials: $5.00
  8. Supplier-Provided Services (refund): ($1,000)

C. LAUC-B candidate lunches (J. Barragán-Álvarez)

  • Five on-campus visits, six virtual visits, plus five more virtual meetings this month. Special thanks to R. Collins and C Velasquez Fidler for their participation. 

D. LAUC-B mentoring program (A. Glusker) 

  • Documents relating to mentoring are located in the Google Drive. 5 matches with mentors, 3 temporary librarians not matched, 1 AUL not matched. When a new membership list is acquired we can check to make sure everyone is matched. Mentor luncheon document should be reviewed and updated.

E. LIBR meetings (C. Emmelhainz)

F. Meeting with UL (S. McElrath)

G. LAUC statewide conference calls (S. McElrath)

H. Chair’s year-in-review report (S. McElrath)

III. Continuing/Outstanding Business

A. CAPA report (M. Morgan) 

  • The UL letters for librarians up for review went out on July 1st.  CAPA has reviewed Jeff’s letters.  He was in agreement with CAPA recommendations for all 23 librarians, awarding 14 merit increases, 3 promotions, 2 career status, and 4 special review recognitions. Two cases were off-cycle.
  • Jeff’s recommendations for Affiliated Librarians included one partial disagreement. He was in agreement with the rest of CAPA's recommendations.  Overall, there were 6 Affiliated Librarian reviews, including 2 merit reviews, 2 promotion reviews, 1 career status and promotion, and 1 special review.
  • Decision letters for the A.L.s are  not available yet.
  • Additionally, CAPA has reviewed 7 position announcements and conducted 20 candidate interviews with another 5 interviews pending in August.
  • CAPA is gearing up for its fall activities—we’re meeting with the UL in September, the review workshops are in October, and the CAPA transition meeting is in November. 

B. Thank you, welcome, and transfer the “gavel” (S. McElrath)

IV. New Business

A. Information for new ExComm members (J.Silva)

  • Jesse thanks all outgoing ExComm members and welcomes incoming members.
  • Confirm timing of ExComm meetings on 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 10:00am - Noon. ExComm will continue to meet virtually.

B. Committee appointments (J.Silva)

  • 2023 LAUC-B Conference Committee
    • Late appointing conference committee co-chairs. Susan suggests we keep the conference virtual so that it is easier to organize. Asked ExComm members to make suggestions or ask people if they are interested. Jesse will also ask the Nominating committee for ideas. 
    • They should be appointed by the September meeting, to give them enough time. 
  • Reviewed list of 2022-2023 Committee Appointments and approved them. Jesse will send out the appointment letters by the end of next week.
    • Committee on Diversity - LAUC-B Members
      • Kendra Levine (2024)
      • Adam Baron (2024)
    • LAUC-B Committee on Research & Professional Development
      • Tim Vollmer (2024)
      • Claude Potts (2024)
      • Dean Rowan (2024)
    • LAUC-B Nominating & Elections Committee
      • Melissa Stoner (2024)
      • David Eifler (2024)
      • Salwa Ismail (2024)
    • Statewide RPD
      • Ann Glusker (2024)
    • Statewide Committee on Professional Governance
      • Jim Church (2024)

C. Discussion and approval of the CAPA nominees for the 2022-25 term (M. Morgan; closed session)