Executive Committee Minutes 07/14/2021

LAUC-B Ex Comm
Meeting Minutes
7/14/21 10am-12:00pm

Present: Sherry Lochhaas, Ramona Collins, Jianye He, Naomi Shiraishi, Susan McElrath, Tim Vollmer, Anna Sackmann, Joe Cera 

Others Present: Kate Peck, Ann Glusker, Monica Aiello, Lillian Castillo-Speed, Lisa Ngo, Celia Emmelhainz, Emily Vigor

I. Announcements

  • LAUC-B and LAUC statewide election results
    • All candidates got the majority of votes cast. LAUC-B Chair will send an email announcement
  • New committee appointments
    • The Nominations & Elections Committee is finalizing this.  ExComm voted to approve new committee members. LAUC-B Chair will send notification letters to new members.
  • LAUC statewide DEI committee presentation on July 14, 1-2pm
  • S. McElrath and R. Collins will meet to review LAUC-B committee structure and Charges
  • Monica Aiello started as Academic Personnel Analyst on June 1 (M. Aiello)

II. Reports

  • Treasurer (J. He)  
    • Total expenditure: $50,454.35. June ledger is not finalized yet.
  • Meeting with UL (R. Collins re: 6/10 and 7/13 meetings)
    • LAUC-B membership survey results shared. Chair sent a summary to the UL, who will share it with the Cabinet. 
      • To Discuss: improving onboarding process, librarians should go to the merit review workshop at first opportunity, idea of workshops specific to the first review
    • Q) What does it mean to “operationalize” the Racial Justice Task Force recommendations? How are we held accountable? UL) They’re taking the recommendations under advisement, each recommendation is assigned to a member of the Cabinet. The standing committee will likely be running the forums mentioned in the report.
      • Members of the standing committee are not determined yet, likely to include members of the Task Force.
      • There will be a Town Hall on this in the Fall
      • 7/13 meeting postponed until 7/26
  • LIBR meeting (no report - last meeting was in May) 
    • Done for this year
  • LAUC statewide conference call (R. Collins)
    • Not heard back yet about LAUC rep to Shared Library Facilities Board
    • UCLA: Can union work be included in your dossier? The LAUC Statewide Committee on Professional Governance (CPG) put out a statement saying librarians should be able to include this in their dossier. 

III. Continuing/Outstanding Business

  • Form groups to address issues brought up in responses to LAUC-B member survey (mentorship, onboarding, etc)
    • Discussion over ideas for improvement to the mentor program
    • Onboarding: What can LAUC-B do to help here? Possibility of working with HR for ideas on standardized onboarding. 
  • LAUC-B’s role in implementing recommendations from the Good IDEA Task Force and Task Force on Racial Justice
    • Librarians’ role?  Attend events, engage, stay informed
    • Possibly look at LAUC-B charges, procedures, etc and think about how to incorporate DEI statements.

IV. New Business

  • Form group to reconnect with Library HR related to the librarian review process (with Monica A) and brainstorm improvements to education/workshops/dossier documentation (with CAPA)
    • CAPA & Chair drafted a charge for a group to identify improvements to the review process for standard merit reviews, with work done possibly between August-December. CAPA and LAUC-B ExComm will review the charge, with the charge & group members hopefully finalized by the LAUC-B ExComm August meeting. 
    • Cabinet drafted a rubric of guidelines for categorizing work for librarians in the dossier. CAPA has reviewed this and sent comments back to the UL. The guide will likely be in place by the next review cycle.
  • How can LAUC-B support the remaining staff at the Environmental Design Archives (Part of the College of Environmental Design)?
    • Three staff are leaving around the same time, one staff member remains. 
      • Departed staff: Jason Miller, Director of the Visual Resource Center (within the CED); Chris Marino, Curator, Environmental Design Archives; Emily Vigor, Archivist, Environmental Design Archives
      • Remaining staff:  Katie Riddle, Reference Specialist
    • Emily Vigor attended for general discussion
      • Challenges include fundraising for staff positions every year
      • Discussion over ideas on how to reach out for help/volunteers, public statements of support, etc. 

V. Member questions/concerns??

  • How should LAUC-B support or play a role in advocacy of collections and libraries? 
    • Ran out of time for discussion, ExComm will keep this idea in mind going forward.