LAUC-B 2013 Fall Assembly

LAUC-B 2013 Fall Assembly

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Morrison Library, 8:30 - 10:00 am
Attendance: 33 members


Business Meeting

  • I. Call to order (Lynn Jones)
  • II. Welcome from the University Librarian (Tom Leonard)
  • III. Membership (Lynn Jones)
  • 1. Announcements of retirements and resignations
  • The retirements or resignations of John Berry, Dana Jemison, Margo Padilla, Mario Ramirez, Andrea Vanek and Jill Woolums were announced, along with the loss of Norma Kobzina.
  • 2. Welcome to new LAUC-B members
  • A welcome was extended to Erik Mitchell, the Associate University Librarian, Director of Digital Initiatives & Collaborative Services and Director of NRLF.
  • IV. Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA).
  • V. Committee Reports
  • 1. Committee on Research
  • 2. Nominations and Elections Committee (NE)
  • 3. Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs (CALA)
  • 4. Diversity Committee
  • 5. LAUC-B Conference Committee
  • VI. Update on new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU (Lynn Jones)
  • Lynn Jones announced the formation of a task group charged with writing guidelines regarding the new MOU for librarians who are being reviewed in the current cycle. The members of the task group are James Eason (chair), Harrison Dekker, Rita Evans, Jennifer Nelson, and Kai Stoeckenius. The guidelines to the changes in the review process will be introduced at an Early Bird in early to mid-December. More formal guidelines will be written and documents will be updated before the next Academic Review Workshop in 2014.

Program: Research and Professional Development

  • I. Research and Professional Development Funding (Kendra Levine)
  • Kendra Levine, Chair of the Research Committee, reviewed the funds available to librarians for professional development and research. A call for research proposals for the LAUC statewide Research Grants for Librarians program for 2013/2014 was issued on October 31; the guidelines are available at The deadline for submissions is January 10, and questions can be sent to Kendra via e-mail.
  • II. Librarian Research Projects by LAUC Research Grant recipient
  • 1. Bill Benemann, Berkeley Law Library Archivist, 2006 recipient: Men in Eden: William Drummond Stewart and same-sex desire in the Rocky Mountain fur trade, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2012:
  • Bill Benemann discussed his new book about adventurer William Drummond Stewart and self-conscious gay male identity in the 19th century. His LAUC Research Grant enabled his travel to do research at the Missouri Historical Society, the National Archives of Scotland, and at Murthly Castle, Stewarts family estate.
  • 2. Theresa Salazar, Bancroft Library Archivist, 2001 recipient: New Mexican Santos and Santeros: An Annotated Bibliography.
  • Theresa Salazar gave a presentation on the creation of her 1200-item (and growing) bibliography on religious images and their creators in New Mexico and the northern frontier of New Spain. Her LAUC Research Grant subsidized her travel to museums, libraries and archives in Colorado and New Mexico, and provided funds for a student assistant.
  • 3. Randal Brandt, Bancroft Library Principal Cataloger, 2011 recipient: A David Dodge Bio-Bibliography
  • Randal Brandt discussed his research on the life and works of David Dodge, the Berkeley-born writer of To Catch A Thief (among many other books), which is chronicled on the David Dodge Companion website ( His LAUC Research Grant enabled him to travel to interview Dodges surviving relatives and discover family-owned materials relating to Dodges life and work.