LAUC-B Mentor Program

The LAUC-B Mentor Program serves the dual purpose of welcoming newly hired librarians and helping them succeed in the Berkeley environment. The Mentor Program will pair LAUC-B members with newly hired librarians, generally outside the members own departments. Mentors will advise new librarians especially on (but not limited to) preparing review documents and getting involved in LAUC-B. The program is not intended to replace other mentoring activities that focus on professional roles and responsibilities. The mentor is an experienced librarian with a minimum of five years professional experience at UC Berkeley. The mentor should have gone through the review process and have attained career status at UCB. Mentors and new librarians are generally paired for a period of two years, but the partnership could continue for three years if the new librarian is hired at a level with a review cycle of more than two years. New librarians interested in being mentored should contact Jackie Gosselar, Mentor Program Coordinator. Information for mentors is available at /mentors.html