LAUC-B 2018 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Fall Assembly Committee Reports

Submitted at the time of the Fall Assembly, Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)

Written report submitted to LAUC-B ExComm in advance of the 2018 Fall Assembly. Oral report given by outgoing Chair Jesse Silva.

Members 2017-2018

  • David Eifler (2020)
  • Toshie Marra (2020)
  • Jason Miller (2018)
  • Theresa Salazar (Position Announcement Coordinator) (2019)
  • Jesse Silva (Chair) (2018)
  • Elliott Smith (2020)
  • I-Wei Wang (CAPA Interview Coordinator) (2019)

Jason Miller and Jesse Silva are rotating off and will be replaced by Kendra Levine and Lisa Ngo. I-Wei Wang will be chair.  See the CAPA page for current roles.

Position Descriptions

CAPA reviews all job descriptions in the Librarian series to provide comments to LHRD concerning professionalism, equity and accuracy of each description. Since May 2018, CAPA reviewed ten job descriptions as indicated below:

  • Environmental Archivist
  • Digital Archives & Technologies Librarian
  • Head of Arts & Humanities
  • Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Music Metadata Librarian
  • Sociology, Demography & Quantitative Research Librarian
  • Scholarly Resources Strategy Librarian
  • Digital Literacies Librarian
  • Life and Health Sciences Division Head
  • Collection Services Division Head


CAPA interviews all candidates for positions in the Librarian series to share information related to the Librarian review process and evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley. Since May 2018, CAPA interviewed nine candidates for the following positions:

  • Head of Arts & Humanities Division
  • Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Sociology, Demography & Quantitative Research Librarian
  • Music Metadata Librarian

Librarian Review

For the 2017-2018 Librarian review year, CAPA reviewed 31 Librarians.  CAPA met weekly for 2 hours from the end of Feb to the end of May.

Career Status and Promotions

CAPA called four ad hocs to review nine cases for career status and one promotion case.  Thank you to the 12 librarians who served on the ad hoc committees.

Career Status and Promotion Awarded

Congratulations to the librarians who earned career status and/or promotion:

  • Faulds, David (Bancroft)
  • Jensen, Sine (ESL)
  • Loo, Jeffery (HLS Division, now UCSD)
  • Marino, Christina (EDA)
  • Miller, Rebecca (HLS Division)
  • Powell, Susan (EPS Division)
  • Reardon, Stacy (AH Division)
  • Sackmann, Anna (EPS Division)
  • Teplitzky, Samantha (EPS Division)

Promotion: Hennesy, Cody (IS Division, now UMN)

Review Outcomes

  • 11 greater than standard merits
  • 20 standard merits
  • Zero no-actions

Salary points awarded ranged from the standard two points in merit cases for assistant/associate librarians to a greater than standard of six points.

Differences between the UL and CAPA

Of the 31 cases, the UL agreed with CAPA in all but four cases. Three of the cases were CAPA suggesting a greater than standard and the UL granting or suggesting a standard.  In one case CAPA suggested a standard merit and the UL suggested a greater than standard.

CAPA Involvement

CAPA is composed of your LAUC-B peers.  If you would like to be considered for CAPA service in the future, let the current chair know.  Upcoming opportunities for service are ad hoc committees.

Volunteer for an Ad hoc

  • Must have career status
  • Member of a team of 3 people who review 1-3 career status/promotion cases
  • Ad hoc appointments are made in Jan/Feb and the work is completed by the end of March
  • If interested, contact the CAPA chair

CAPA Membership Requirements

  • Must have career status
  • Must hold rank of Associate- or Full-Librarian
  • Better if you have have served on an ad hoc or two
  • If you’d like to be considered for CAPA, contact the chair.
  • CAPA appointments are made in the Fall.
  • CAPA strives to balance librarian work experience with committee needs. If you don’t get onto CAPA, ask again!

II.    Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs (CALA)

2018 Annual Report

Report by Chair Dean C. Rowan

Members: Lily Castillo-Speed (ex officio) (2018), Jane Rosario (ex officio) (2018), Dean Rowan (ex officio) (2018) Melissa Stoner (ex officio) (Vice Chair) (2019)

The Committee’s primary achievements this year consisted of two events, described below as in our report to the Spring Assembly. Throughout the year Chair Rowan attended TALAG meetings. TALAG addressed a number of issues relevant to Affiliated Libraries, including assuring delivery of relevant UL communications to Affiliated Libraries; identifying main library committees, councils, and other groups on which TALAG should seek Affiliated Libraries representation; and revision of the Guidelines for Establishment of Libraries on the Berkeley Campus as Affiliated Libraries.         

Fall 2017 Events

CALA and the Affiliated Libraries cosponsored a Joint Assembly with LAUC-B in the Morrison Library on Friday, Sept. 29, featuring Prof. Safiya Umoja Noble, USC Annenberg School of Communication, on social justice and bias in digital media and the internet. Her talk drew from work on her book, then in progress, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism (NYU Press 2018).

Spring 2018 Events

CALA and the Affiliated Libraries sponsored the Spring LAUC-B Affiliated Libraries Assembly in the Morrison Library on Tuesday, Feb. 13, When the Silicon Meets the Road: A Digital Research Reality Check. Featured presenters included Sine Hwang Jensen, Asian American Studies Librarian and Comparative Ethnic Studies Librarian at the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library (ESL), who spoke about her preparation for a project, funded by the Council on Library and Information Resources, to facilitate the digitization of a significant portion of the H.K. Yuen Social Movement Audio Archive held by the ESL and the Bancroft Library. Prof. Anne Joseph O’Connell, UC Berkeley School of Law, summarized her research methods and findings in an ongoing study of U.S. Presidential nominations to federal offices requiring Senate confirmation, the data for which she gleans from a database. Michael Lindsey, Director of Library Web Development at the law school, reported on his work developing scripts to “scrape” the data in the absence of an API.

III.    Committee on Diversity

2018 Fall Report

Report by José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez, Kiyoko Shiosaki, & Naomi Shiraishi


  • Kiyoko Shiosaki (Chair) (2019)
  • José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez (Outgoing Chair) (2019)
  • Natalia Estrada (SDC/Staff Representative) (2019)
  • Neda Salem (Staff Representative) (2019)
  • Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD representative)
  • Naomi Shiraishi, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity) (2019)

Incoming members:

  • Mohamed Hamed (2020)
  • Stella Tang (2020)

Recent activities:

The Committee on Diversity hosted a very successful microaggressions workshop for the Library with campus partner Julie Shackford-Bradley from the Restorative Justice Center on Nov. 15, 2017. Building on positive feedback, a follow up workshop was scheduled in Spring 2018 with another excellent turnout. The Committee is planning a third installment for the Spring 2019 semester.

Two Committee members, Naomi Shiraishi and José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez, participated in the LAUC-B Task Group on Social Justice in Academic Libraries to investigate issues related to search engine bias, questionable metadata assigned to cultural communities and materials in library systems, and the need for critical digital literacy in this context. The Task Force has recommended a series of related brown-bag talks for 2019. Natalia Estrada is the representative on this new Social Justice Task Force Events Planning Committee.

The Committee on Diversity continues to match LAUC-B members and Library staff in its Librarian/Staff Mentorship Program. We made seven new matches this semester, and conducted a survey of past participants in the program.

The Committee has arranged for the showing of And Then They Came for Us , a documentary on the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans. The event is co-sponsored by the Media Resources Center & Ethnic Studies Library and will take place on Dec. 4, 4:00-5:30 PM.

IV.    Committee on Professional Development

Report for Fall 2018 Assembly

Report submitted by Becky Miller, outgoing Chair, to cover Committee activities from May - September 2018


2017-2018: Becky Miller (Chair; 2018), Liladhar Pendse (2018); Jean Ferguson (2019), Christina V Fidler (2019), Jeremy Ott (2019)

Professional Development Events:

New(ish) Librarians Event

May 9, 2018 3:30-4:30 pm, 303 Doe Library

Informal event to hear recently hired librarians talk about the interesting work they are doing. As we did the previous semester, we scheduled the event right before the LAUC-B Happy Hour, and attendance was very high. The following librarians presented:

  • José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez, Curator of Latin Americana
  • Melissa Stoner, Native American Studies Librarian
  • Lara Michels, Head of Archival Processing at the Bancroft
  • Kiyoko Shiosaki, Instruction and Reference Librarian

Other Committee Activities:

2018 Survey

The Committee on Professional Development, with input from the Committee on Research, developed a survey to assess the professional development activities and needs of LAUC-B members.

The survey consisted of 19 questions which were oriented along the following themes: professional development (PD) goals, participation in PD activities, funding, satisfaction in PD engagement, and the relationship between UCB Library PD programming and librarian needs. The survey was sent by e-mail to all 100 LAUC-B members, who were given a three week window (May 15 to June 05) to complete it.

41 librarians responded to the survey. The survey’s results demonstrate a high level of current participation in PD, as well as a desire for greater PD engagement and accompanying support. LAUC-B librarians are engaged locally and participate in PD on many levels. Results also suggest that current and future iterations of the Committee on Professional Development should maintain the existing level of PD programming.

A report summarizing the survey results was distributed to LAUC-B ExComm, LAUC-B members, and Library Human Resources in September.

Transition to Merged Committee:

On October 2, 2018 we had our transition meeting. In attendance were the Chair of the Committee on Professional Development, the Co-Chairs of the Committee on Research, and the continuing and new members of the merged Committee on Research and Professional Development: Jean Ferguson (2019), Celia Emmelhainz (Co-Chair; 2019), Jeremy Ott (Co-Chair; 2019), Jessie Sherwood (2020), Anna Sackmann (Ex-Officio).

V.    Committee on Research

Report submitted by Anna Sackmann


  • Celia Emmelhainz
  • Emily Vigor (co-chair)
  • Liladhar Pendse
  • Anna Sackmann (co-chair)

Recent activities

In Spring 2018, the LAUC-B Committee submitted six applications for presentation grants. All submissions were successful. The committee developed templates for presentation and research grant applications.

VI.    Distinguished Librarian Award Committee

Report submitted by Jennifer Nelson

The members of the Distinguished Award (DLA) Committee are: Imad Abuelgasim, Julie Lefevre, Jennifer Nelson, Susan Xue, and Rita Lucarelli (Faculty Representative). We put out our first call for nominations in February 2018 with monthly reminders in March, April, and May. The deadline for an intent to nominate was June 1st 2018, with the final nomination packet due August 3 2018. The winners of this year’s DLA award are Elizabeth Dupuis and Deborah Jan. The DLA ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, December 11th in Morrison Library from 4-6 p.m.

VII.    Nominations and Elections Committee

Report submitted by Manuel Erviti

Members (2017-18):

  • Imad Abuelgasim, Catalog and Metadata Services (2018)
  • Manuel Erviti, Music Library (2018)
  • Virginia Shih, South/Southeast Asia Library (2018)
  • Chris Tarr, Law Library (2019)
  • Susan Xue, C.V. Starr East Asian Library (2019)

The committee conducted elections for LAUC-B and LAUC statewide offices as well as LAUC and LAUC-B ballot initiatives. The following LAUC-B members were elected to LAUC-B offices:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Cody Hennesey
  • Secretary: Marlene Harmon
  • Treasurer: [not open for election this year]
  • Library Representatives: Kiyoko Shiosaki and Kortney Rupp
  • Affiliated Libraries Affairs Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect [serves as Affiliated Libraries Chair in 2019]: Christina Fidler

Cody Hennessy left the Library after taking office and the Executive Committee appointed Naomi Shiraishi for service pro tempore.  Christina Fidler became unable to serve and Emily Vigor was appointed for pro tem service.

1. The following LAUC members were elected to offices on the LAUC (Statewide) Executive Board:

  • Vice-President/President Elect: Heather Smedberg, UC San Diego
  • Secretary: Melissa Browne, UC Davis

Proposed LAUC-B Bylaws Revisions to Article IV. Sec.1-4.A; Article IV. Sec.4.D; Article IV. Sec.4.F; Article IV. Sec.4.G; and Article IV-VI Misc. were adopted. The proposed LAUC Bylaws Revision, Article V, Sec.1 was adopted.

2.  The committee made recommendations to the LAUC-B Chair and Executive Committee for appointments to local and statewide committees. The following members were appointed to LAUC-B and LAUC statewide Committees:

LAUC-B Nominations & Elections Committee:

  • Samantha Teplitzky (2020)
  • Liladhar Pendse (2020)

LAUC-B Committee on Research and Professional Development:

  • Jessie Sherwood (2020)
  • Maria Gould (2020)

LAUC-B Committee on Diversity:

  • Stella Tang (2020)
  • Mohamed Hamed (2020)

LAUC Committee on Professional Governance:

  • Dean Rowan, Law Library (2020)
  • LAUC Committee on Research & Professional Development:
  • Anna Sackmann, (2020)

LAUC Committee on Diversity:

  • Naomi Shiraishi (2019), one-year appointment to replace David Faulds, who stepped down

Following recent practice, LAUC-B elections were conducted online, this time using Qualtrics in place of Survey Monkey, which had been used in previous elections.

VIII.    Committee on Research and Professional Development

 Report submitted by Jeremy Ott


  • Celia Emmelhainz (co-chair)
  • Jeremy Ott (co-chair)
  • Jean Ferguson
  • Jessie Sherwood
  • Anna Sackmann (ex-officio)

Recent activities

In Fall 2018, the LAUC-B Committee received and submitted to Statewide nine applications for presentation grants consisting of two Research Grants, one Mini Grant, and six Presentation Grants.

We sponsored refreshments and assisted in coordination of a workshop, attended by 37, for those preparing for CAPA Review, and have scheduled a New Librarians event for Dec. 13, where we look forward to hearing from Jessie Sherwood (Manuscript Cataloger, The Robbins Collection, UC Berkeley School of Law), Lynn Cunningham (Art Librarian, Doe Library), Stella Tang (Chinese Cataloging Librarian, C.V. Starr East Asian Library), and Mohamed Hamed (Middle Eastern & Near Eastern Studies Librarian, Doe Library). As previously, we have positioned this just before the LAUC-B Happy Hour, which seems to be a well-received afternoon of programming.