LAUC-B 2017 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Spring Assembly Committee Reports 2017


I. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)




Jean Dickinson (2017)

Jason Miller (2018)

Margaret Phillips (chair) (2017)

Jesse Silva (2018)

Theresa Salazar (2019)

Michael Sholinbeck (2017)

I-Wei Wang (2019)


Librarian position descriptions

CAPA reviews position descriptions for openings in the Librarian series. Since November, CAPA has reviewed 14 positions:


  • Head of Bancroft Technical Services (Bancroft)

  • Head of Instruction (Instructional Services Division)

  • Middle Eastern Studies Librarian (Social Sciences Division)

  • African and African American Studies Librarian (Social Sciences Division)

  • Data Services Librarian (Social Sciences Division)

  • Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian (Librarian’s Office)

  • Chinese Cataloging Librarian (East Asian Library) -- cancelled

  • Chinese Cataloging Librarian -- temporary position (East Asian Library)

  • Digital Archivist (Bancroft)

  • Digital Collections Archivist (Bancroft)

  • Assessment Librarian (Librarian’s Office)

  • Environmental Collections Project Archivist (Bancroft)

  • Instruction and Reference Librarian -- temporary position (Instruction Services Division)

  • Film & Media Services Librarian (Instruction Services Division)


CAPA candidate interviews

CAPA interviews all candidates for positions in the Librarian series to to share information related to the Librarian review process and evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley. Since November, CAPA has concluded 31 interviews for 11 positions:


  • Chemical Information Librarian (Engineering & Physical Sciences Division)

  • Head of Archival Processing (Bancroft)

  • Law Manuscript Cataloger (Robbins Collection)

  • Art Librarian (Arts & Humanities Division)

  • Learning & Research Communities Librarian (Instructional Services Division)

  • African & African American Studies Librarian (Social Sciences Division)

  • Data Science Librarian (Social Sciences Division)

  • Digital Collections Archivist (Bancroft)

  • Middle Eastern & Near Eastern Studies Librarian (Arts & Humanities Division)

  • Head of Instruction Services Division (Instruction Services Division)

  • Digital Archivist - Two year appointment (Bancroft)


Academic review

CAPA has been meeting weekly since March to review 26 cases. One ad hoc committee was charged. Several cases are outstanding but we hope to complete the review process soon and turn in all dossiers to LHRD/UL’s office by June 1.


Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Phillips (chair)

May 19, 2017


II. LAUC-B Nominations & Elections Report

Report by Lynn Jones

Committee roster
Lynn Jones
Kendra Levine
Imad Abuelgasim
Virginia Shih
Manuel Erviti

LAUC-B Chair:
Jane Rosario

James Eason

Treasurer :
Randy Brandt

Library Representative:
Virginia Shih
Ian Knabe

Affiliated Representative:
Melissa Stoner
Floor nominations? If none, the LAUC-B slate will stand as is.

Statewide slate
VP/President Elect: Roger Smith (UCSD)

Gary Colmenar (UCSB)
Monica Singh (UCB)

Ballots will be sent out on May 17, 2017 and will be due by June 5.

More opportunities to serve coming up in June. Volunteer for a LAUC-B committee. The Nominations and Elections Committee will be sending out a call in June after the Executive Committee and Statewide election results are announced.


III. LAUC-B Committee on Research


1.      The LAUC-B Committee submitted this year (2017) the following applications for the presentation and mini grants as stipulated in the call. All submissions as indicated below were successful.



Fund Request Union

(18 total)

Fund Request Non-Union

Proposed Funding Union

Proposed Funding Non-Union



























2.      As a part of the ongoing outreach effort to our internal audience, the LAUC Committee on Research organized a brown bag on the Townsend Center Grants. The session was attended by 19 LAUC B members and one non-member. This brown bag took place on March 15th. There was a presentation made by Dr. John Paulas who is responsible for the fellowships and grants.


3.      In addition, the LAUC Committee on Research is cosponsoring with LAUC Committee on Professional Development an event related to the IRB/PI Status.


Respectfully submitted,


Liladhar R. Pendse


IV. LAUC-B Committee on Diversity


Naomi Shiraishi (2018), Chair

Natalia Estrada (SDC Representative) (2017)

Michael Sholinbeck (2017)

Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD representative) (2017)

Corliss Lee, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee) (2017)    

Recent activities:

The Committee on Diversity hosted two successful events: Trans: Gender Identity Inclusion Workshop for the Library (Jan. 12) and Cripping the Library: Exploring the Intersections of Access, Privilege and Text through Disability, Sexuality, and Race (April 8). Both events drew approximately 40 people and raised awareness of diversity and inclusion among librarians and staff.

The committee continues to work on the mentorship program between library staff and LAUC-B members. Since the program started in Dec. 2014, several staff members successfully landed librarian positions. But there also are unmatched people and mismatched pairs. The committee asked people without a mentor or mentee to re-submit the forms if they are still interested in the program.

 The committee proposed an amendment of the bylaws to allow more flexibility in appointing members and to add a gender-neutral pronoun.

IV. Committee on Professional Development Report

Report by co-chairs, Lee Adams & Chris Marino

Members: Lee Adams (2017), Christina Marino (2017), Becky Miller (2018), Liladhar Pendse (2018)

Professional Development Spring 2017 Events

The Committee on Professional Development hosted/co-hosted two events with the Research Committee.

Workshop: Exceptional Principal Investigator Status and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process
180 Doe
Monday April 24th from 9 to 10:30am
Kim Baeten, Deputy Director of the Berkeley Research Development Office and Program Manager Matthew Andrews spoke about the what Exceptional Principal Investigator status is and the application process, as well as broad tips on grant proposal writing. Chris Marino and Samantha Teplitzky, spoke about their experiences with the IRB process at UC Berkeley from the perspective of an affiliated librarian and librarian, respectively.

Townsend Center Fellowship Brown Bag Information Session
303 Doe
March 15, 2017 from 11:30 to 1:00

New Librarians’ Brown Bag
May 12, 2017
303 Doe Library
12:00 – 1 pm

Informal Brown Bag to hear recently hired librarians talk about the interesting work they are doing. See participants below:
Celia Emmelhainz, Anthropology & Qualitative Research Librarian
Jeremy Ott, Classics & Germanic Studies Librarian
Naomi Shiraishi, Japanese Cataloging Librarian

V. LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee

Committee members: Holly Hatheway (co-chair), Mary Elings (co-chair), Celia Emmelhainz, Christina Marino, Jeremy Ott, Naomi Shiraishi, Scott Peterson, Susan Powell, Lynn Cunningham, Aisha Hamilton

LAUC-B 2017 Conference:  Focus on the Visual: Digital Humanities and Libraries

Date: Friday, October 20, 2017

Location: David Brower Center

Program and speakers have been finalized. Committee now focused on registration and logistics. Program information can be found on website with speaker photos and bios to be uploaded soon.