LAUC-B 2014 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

I. Committee on Academic Promotion and Advancement report (Claude Potts)

Report submitted to LAUC-B ExComm in advance of the 2014 Fall Assembly. Report by outgoing Co-chairs, Debbie Jan and Claude Potts, 2013-2014.


  • Debbie Jan, Co-chair (2014)
  • Claude Potts, Co-chair (2014)
  • Manuel Erviti (2014)
  • Julie Lefevre (2016)
  • Ramona Martinez (2015)
  • Teresa Mora (2016)
  • Susan Xue (2015)

Summary of activities for the period 11/2013-11/2014.

1. Position descriptions reviewed since Spring Assembly:  8

  • Digital Project Archivists (Bancroft)
  • Head of Acquisitions - Library
  • Native American Studies Librarian - ESL
  • Asian American Studies Librarian - ESL
  • Humanities & Germanic Studies Librarian - Library
  • Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Processing Archivist (Bancroft)
  • Optometry & Health Sciences Librarian

2. Candidate Interviews: 27 candidates for 9 positions

Since the Spring Assembly on April 30th, CAPA has interviewed 27 candidates for 9 positions. The Asian American Studies and Head of Acquisitions positions will be in the next report since those interviews will take place after the Fall Assembly:

  • Public Health Library Digital Services Librarian
  • Head, Technical Services, EAL
  • Head, References and Research Services, Bancroft
  • Humanities and Germanic Studies Librarian
  • Head of the Life Sciences and Health Sciences Division
  • Head of Arts & Humanities Division
  • Head of Social Sciences Division
  • Head of Engineering and Physical Sciences Division
  • Native American Studies Librarian

3. Total cases up for review: 32

The Library: 28 Affiliated Libraries: 4

Types of reviews:

  • 23 Merits
  • 4 Career status
  • 3 Promotions
  • 5 Specials
  • 1 Retirements/resignations/separations during review period
  • 2 Reconsideration cases

Two ad hoc committees were appointed to review career status and promotion cases.

CAPA was split on two recommendations. CAPA disagreed with the Review Initiator in nine cases. Six candidates requested greater than standard merit increases while only two among them made specific salary point requests.

CAPA recommended that three of the six candidates requesting greater than standard increases receive them. Furthermore, CAPA recommended that five candidates receive greater than standard increases when they themselves did not ask.

The UL awarded nine greater than standard merit increases. He agreed with CAPA 26 times and disagreed with CAPA five times. There were six no actions and two less than standard merit increases.

4. New Berkeley Procedures

A Task Group was formed last summer to revise the Berkeley Procedures (for Librarian Review). The Task Group was composed primarily of current and past CAPA chairs: James Eason (chair), Jenny Nelson, Debbie Jan, Claude Potts, Ramona Martinez, and Harrison Dekker. The revision was approved by the LAUC-B Executive Committee in October 2014 and is awaiting final approval from Library Administration, APO, and the Chancellor’s Office. The interim document is available on the LAUC-B Librarian Review page.

5. News

  • Incoming chair for 2014-15: Ramona Martinez
  • New members: Jean Dickinson, Margaret Phillips, and Michael Sholinbeck

The LAUC-B Professional Development Committee and CAPA co-sponsored the Academic Review Workshop on October 28, 2014. Speakers included Tom Leonard, University Librarian; Debbie Jan, CAPA outgoing co-chair; Claude Potts, CAPA outgoing co-chair; Manuel Erviti, CAPA veteran and outgoing member who agreed to step in for Kai Stoeckenius when he took early retirement last March; Susan Wong, Library Human Resources Department, and Penny Hines, Academic Personnel Office. CAPA extends its thanks to the Professional Development Committee and to the outgoing and continuing CAPA members for their contributions, advice, and sense of humor.

II. Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs (CALA) (K. Levine)

The Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly will be held Wednesday, December 3, 8:30-10:00 am in the Goldberg Room in the Law School. Refreshments will be provided.

Revisiting "The Report" - A discussion on the roles of Affiliated Libraries, how we relate to The Library, and possible future directions. Please join us and participate, so that we collectively work together through the upcoming changes to UC Berkeley libraries.

The Report and recommendations of the Affiliated Libraries - The Library Task Force (UC Berkeley) was issued in Spring 2004. The report clarifies the relationship between The Library and the Affiliated Libraries and proposes actions both groups should take to improve communication and coordination.

We will discuss the issues outlined in the Report:

  • Collections: Preservation, funding, and scope
  • Communication: Between Affiliated Libraries, with The Library, and the larger community.
  • Public Services
  • Technical Services: Beyond Millennium
  • External Funding: Fundraising, development, and grants
  • Career Development and Advancement: Opportunities for both academics and staff
  • Administrative Structure

III. Committee on Diversity

Recent activities include the Cultural Diversity program held during the LAUC-B Spring Assembly, April 30, 2014, and the approval of the new Committee charge by ExComm, on Oct. 8, 2014. The new charge was developed by a Task Force consisting of Michael Sholinbeck, Jane Rosario, and Corliss Lee. It is as follows:

“The LAUC-B Committee on Diversity provides leadership and guidance on issues relating to diversity and inclusion at the Library. The Committee focuses on cultural competence and library climate – for both our patrons and our staff – as well as on recruitment and retention of a diverse professional workforce. These are accomplished by:

  • Organizing, administering, and evaluating the staff mentoring program;
  • Facilitating cultural competence and an enhanced library climate;
  • Producing and maintaining a list of campus diversity entities, and encouraging and keeping track of librarian outreach to these groups;
  • Investigating outreach to campus advisors from select departments;
  • Reviewing information relating to the recruitment and hiring of librarians at UC Berkeley;
  • Periodically examining the Library’s policies, procedures, and practices for inclusivity in language and intent;
  • Continually revising/updating its web page”

We had our turnover meeting on Oct. 7, 2014, and will begin organizing the staff mentoring program in the near future.

Respectfully submitted,

LAUC-B Committee on Diversity:

Sarah Ngo (Co-chair) (SDC Representative)
Michael Sholinbeck (Co-chair)
Liladhar Pendse
Virginia Shih
Jane Rosario, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)
Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD representative)
Imadeldin Abuelgasim (Outgoing member)
Karen Yu (Outgoing member)

IV. Committee on Professional Development

Report by outgoing chair Julie Lefevre and incoming co-chairs Michele Morgan and Emily Vigor

Members: Julie Lefevre (Affiliated representative) (2014), Michele Morgan (2015), Emily Vigor (2015), Lydia Peterson (2015), Christine Fidler (2016), Samantha Teplitzky (2016)

Committee Activities

Professional Development Spring Event: Bess Sadler, "Creating a Software Commons: Community Developed Open Source Software in Libraries."

Morrison Library
March 21, 2014
8:30 - 10 am

The program speaker was Bess Sadler, Manager for Application Development, Stanford University Library. Sadler spoke on community developed software projects, including managing GIS data in your digital library, Hydra (, Blacklight, and GeoBlacklight. Sadler highlighted the importance of having diverse communities within libraries that are empowered to build software solutions, saying that building and maintaining library software is vitally important work, too big a job to leave to a small group of people. The presentation was followed by a Q & A session.

Academic Review: A Program for LAUC-B Members

October 28, 2014
Children’s Literature Room
Education Psychology Library
8:30 – 10 am

The Committee hosted the annual Academic Review Program for LAUC-B members. Representatives from the Library Human Resources Department, Academic Personnel Office, CAPA as well as Tom Leonard, the University Librarian, were on hand to offer their perspectives on the review process and what reviewers look for in a dossier. A question and answer period followed the presentation. Roughly 50 people attended and the consensus was that the program was very helpful, especially for those pursuing reviews in this cycle.

V. Committee on Research


  • Ramona Martinez (2015)
  • Chris Marino (2016)
  • Toshie Marra (2016)
  • Jean Dickinson (2016)

Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation and Mini Grants

The Committee received and reviewed two Presentation Grant proposals and three full Research Grant proposals. After the proposals were discussed and deemed complete and worthy of funding they were forwarded on November 3 to the statewide LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee for review. The committee has not heard whether any of the proposals has been funded.

Townsend Center Library Fellowship

Jenny Nelson has completed her 2013-14 fellowship and there is no library or museum fellow for 2014-15. The committee is aware of at least one librarian application for the 2015-16 Townsend Fellowship cohort.

VI. Nominations and Elections Committee (NE)

Report by Brian Quigley and Michaelyn Burnette

Incoming Members (2014-15)

  • Marlene Harmon, Co-Chair (2015)
  • Monica Singh, Co-Chair (2015)
  • Jennifer Dorner (2016)
  • Debbie Jan (2016)

Outgoing members are past co-chairs Brian Quigley and Michaelyn Burnette.

1. The committee conducted LAUC-B and LAUC elections. Following current practice, the elections were conducted online using SurveyMonkey. The following LAUC-B members were elected to office:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: I-Wei Wang
  • Secretary: Elliott Smith
  • Library Representatives: Liladhar Pendse, Jesse Silva
  • Affiliated Library Representative-Elect: Barbara Bohl

Barbara Bohl as Affiliated Library Representative-Elect will serve a year as Chair-Elect of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs before becoming Chair of that committee and member of the Executive Committee in 2015-16. Elected last year, Kendra Levine will serve as Chair of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs and Affiliated Library Representative for 2014-15.

2. The committee also made recommendations for appointments to local and statewide committees. The following members were appointed to LAUC-B and LAUC statewide Committees:

Committee on Diversity

  • Michael Sholinbeck

Committee on Professional Development

  • Christine Fidler
  • Samantha Teplitzky

Committee on Research

  • Jean Dickinson
  • Chris Marino
  • Toshie Marra

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Jennifer Dorner
  • Debbie Jan

Statewide Committee on Professional Governance

  • Lynn Jones

Statewide Research and Professional Development Committee

  • Joe Cera

VII. LAUC-B Conference Committee

Committee members: Lisa Ngo, David Eifler, Lydia Peterson, Hilary Schiraldi, Margaret Phillips, Susan Powell, Claude Potts, Jeffery Loo, Joe Cera, and Cody Hennesy

The 2015 LAUC-B Conference Committee is working on bringing you a great conference next year, titled Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy. Some highlights:

Date: Friday, October 16, 2015
Location: David Brower Center
Opening speaker: Michael Eisen (founder, PLOS)
Closing speaker: Randy Schekman (founder, eLife, 2014 Nobel Prize Winner)

The program will explore open access, its impacts on scholarship across different subject areas, and the role of the library. Speakers and presenters will discuss the implementation of the UC Open Access Policy, OA advocacy, OA data, and more. We will send out a call for poster and presentation proposals in early 2015.