LAUC-B Professional Membership Dues Program

LAUC-B and the Library Business Office have developed a program to reimburse LAUC-B members for professional membership dues--that is, for memberships with organizations, other than social organizations, that enhance the professional standing of librarians. Condition of this program may be subject to change if necessary

At least one day of the membership period must be within the same fiscal year from which the allocation is used. Here are some examples:

  1. If the membership period is July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010, the FY 2009-10 allocation would be used.
  2. If the membership period is Oct 1, 2009 - Sept 30, 2010, either the FY 09-10 or the FY 10-11 allocation would be used.
  3. If the membership period is Jan 1, 2010 - Dec 31, 2010, either the FY 09-10 or FY 10-11 allocation would be used.

Memberships that start before July 1, 2009 do not qualify for reimbursement even if a majority of the membership period is in FY 09-10.

Note: Only LAUC-B professional development funding can be used to pay for professional membership dues. Professional development funding from The Library Administration may not be used to pay formembership dues. Affiliated Librarians with other funding sources should inquire about their particular situations.

One implication for librarians who report to the University Librarian (non-Affiliated Librarians): A LAUC-B member's professionaldevelopment expenditures must be reimbursed out of LAUC-B funds first, before any funds are reimbursed from The Library Administration professional development funds. If a member has travelled before their memberships come due, they may have exhausted their LAUC-B funding for the year.

Example A:

For Fiscal year 2009-2010, librarian Hildegard von Bingen has access to $1400 LAUC-B professional development funds and $600 from The Library Administration.

She travels to Disibodenberg for a conference and still has $400 left of her LAUC-B professional funds, enough to partially pay for her membership in the Medieval Learned Women Association. She still has $600 for travel from The Library Administration professional development funding for other (non-membership related) professional development expenses.

Example B:

Lawrence of Rome needed to travel to Aragon, Spain, and has therefore spent all of his $1400 in LAUC-B in professionaldevelopment funds. He has $600 in funds from The Library Administration for non-membership related professional development.

If the Membership Dues pilot is continued (or made permanent) into 2010-2011, he will be able to receive reimbursement for his membership in the Humor and Bibliography Association that runs from Oct 1, 2009 - Sept 30, 2010.

Here are the steps for membership payment with LAUC-B professional development funds:

  1. Ask the organization if the University or the Library already has an institutional membership. You might not need an individual membership.
  2. Verify that you have enough LAUC-B professional development funds in the fiscal year that would cover the membership dues (you may ask Kris Leonardo or Tyler Crooks for your balance).
  3. Fill out the Library Travel/Training/Development funding request form.
  4. Attach details about the membership to the form. It must state the membership start and end dates and a brief description (one or two sentences) of how this membership would enhance your professional standing.
  5. Obtain the authorized signatures from your supervisor, unit head, and AUL.
  6. Two payment options:
    1. LBS pays with a bluCard (Preferred)

      • Clearly indicate on the Library form your request to have your membership dues paid with a bluCard and the due date.
      • Submit the following to LBS: the signed Library form, the membership details described above, and the membership form filled out up to the payment section.
    2. Pay out-of-pocket and request reimbursement
      • Submit the following to LBS: the signed Library form, the membership details described above, a copy of the membership form, and receipt.