Affiliated Libraries 2010 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Affiliated Libraries Spring Assembly
May 4, 2010
8:30-10:00 a.m.
Children's Literature Room, Education/Psychology Library


The Affiliated Libraries Administrative Group {TALAG) - Rita Evans, Chair

TALAG focuses on ensuring the Affiliated Heads are aware of news and developments in our varied administrative settings.

TALAG's report will be presented by Rita Evans in person at the Assembly. To see the approved minutes from prior meetings, please go to

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA)- Nick
Robinson, Affiliated Representative

CAPA Members:
Lynn Jones (2010), Chair
Nick Robinson (2010) Brian Quigley (2011) Jane Rosario (2011) Virginia Shih (2011) Paul Atwood (2012) Jim Church (2012)

CAPA Statistics, 11/1/2009- 5/4/2010
Total Cases Eligible for Review: 50
Library 40
Affiliated 10

Four Ad Hoc Committees were appointed to review 11 career status and promotion cases.
Forty-eight dossiers have been received.

Librarian Recruitment
CAPA reviewed 4 position announcements:
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Thomas J. Long Business Library
University Archives Processing Archivist, Bancroft Library

San Francisco Examiner Project Archivist, Bancroft Library
Research, Outreach and Web Services Librarian, Institute of Transportation

CAPA interviewed 5 candidates for the following 2 positions: Reference and Instruction Librarian, Thomas J. Long Business Library (2) University Archives Processing Archivist, Bancroft Library (3)

CAPA is planning to revise the annual Fall reviews workshop, based on the report by the CAPA Task Force on Special Issues. Everybody is encouraged to attend. CAPA is also currently in touch with APO regarding the possibility for dossiers to be submitted electronically in the future and will report back to ExComm soon.

Additional CAPA Information: CAPA -

Distinguished Librarian Award Committee

Report will be presented in person at the Assembly

Committee on Diversity

Barbara Bohl, Chair (Affiliated representative) (2010) Mia Jaeggli (Staff representative) (2010)
Debbie Jan (2011)
Adnan Malik (Statewide representative) (2011)
Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD representative) (2010) Committee Activities
1. The Committee sponsored a Brown bag informational meeting on the
Mentorship Program and the Job Shadowing Program in Nov. 2009

2. Job Shadowing Program: 15 matches were made. The program was completed in March 2010, and a survey conducted.

3. Mentorship Program: 6 matches have been made, the program is on

Nominations and Elections Committee Report to Spring Affiliated Libraries

Current and new members of the LAUC-B Nominations and Elections

Myrtis Cochran, Co-chair (2010)
John Gallwey, Affiliated Representative (2011) Jianye He, (2011)
Jason Schultz, Co-Chair (2010)

2010 Elections
The Nominations and Elections Committee worked to secure candidates to run for 2010-2001 LAUC-B Executive Board positions. Candidates are
secured for positions open this year including Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect,
Secretary, and Library Representative.

The committee announced candidates at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly on Tuesday, April 13th and received no new nominations from the floor. Candidate are listed on the next page of the report.

Voting will be electronic this year. Electronic ballots will be sent to members during the week of May 17th using a secure URL. LAUC-B candidate statements will be available electronically on the LAUC-B website. All ballots will be due by the close of election day, Wednesday June 2nd.

Electronic Voting
The committee decided to explore electronic voting for elections. Following the model of LAUC-D, the committee tested the Survey Monkey software.
Sample ballots were demonstrated at the LAUC-B Executive Board meeting in
February. They were approved with some small changes suggested. While not a perfect system, it is hoped electronic voting will help streamline the work of the Nominations and Elections Committee and be more amenable to the membership.

Candidates for 2010 LAUC-B Elections
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Nick Robinson Secretary:
Jim Ronningen
Shannon Supple

Library Representative: Kathleen Gallagher Monica Singh

Affiliate Representative:
John Berry
Jennifer Nelson

Committee on Professional Development
Submitted by Dana Miller and Jim Ronningen

Committee Members:
Dana Miller (2010) - Co-Chair
Jim Ronningen (2010) - Co-Chair
Imadeldin Abuelgasim (2011)
Kendra Levine (2011)
Linda Vida (2011)

Committee Activities:

A. Academic Review: A Program for LAUC-B Members
October 6, 2009, 8:30- 10:00 a.m. Children's Literature Room Education/Psychology Library
The Committee hosted the annual Academic Review Program for LAUC-B
members. Chris Tarr and Manuel Erviti from the Committee on Appointment,
Promotion and Advancement (CAPA) gave an overview of the review process and explained what reviewers look for in a dossier. University Librarian
Tom Leonard, Susan Wong from Library Human Resources, and Elizabeth
Leavitt from the Academic Personnel Office were also on hand to offer
their perspectives and help answer questions. 45 people attended, and the consensus was that the program was very helpful, especially for those pursuing reviews in this cycle.

B. Brown Bag on Professional Development Funds, for LAUC-B members December 10, 2009, 12-1 pm., 303 Doe Library (Originally scheduled for November 18, 2009 but postponed to the later date due to a campus-wide strike.)
The session was a discussion for librarians on how to use their professional development funds. Timely issues were the new permission to tap the fund for professional association membership cost coverage, and the rolled-over unused surplus becoming available and adding an extra amount of $600 for each member. Kris Leonardo, Library Accounting Coordinator and Margaret Phillips, LAUC-B Chair, led the discussion. 20 attended.

C. Effective Public Speaking (tentative program title) Planned date: May 5, 2010, 8:30-10 am, Morrison Room
Co-Sponsored with Staff Development Committee (Mia Jaeggli, chair)

A program planned and sponsored with the Staff Development Committee

which will offer a lineup of advisors on public speaking in a casual, conversational setting. Leaders will include librarians who can address best practices in presentations for library settings, and a professional public speaking coach who can give more general guidance. The program will be open to all librarians and library staff.

Committee on Research

Shayee Khanaka (Co-Chair, 2010) Marjorie Bryer (Co-Chair, 2010) Lily Castillo-Speed (2011)
Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz (2011)
Jim Spohrer (Townsend Fellow Representative, 2011) Kai Stoeckenius (2011)
Dean Rowan (ex officio, UCB representative to LAUC statewide Research and
Professional Development Committee) (2010)

--Dean Rowan replaced Susan Garbarino as the Berkeley representative to
the Statewide Research and Professional Development Committee in January
--Shayee Khanaka and Lily Castillo-Speed attended the LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting on February 11, 2010. They conveyed the Research Committee's concerns about the lack of grant applications we received this year and discussed proposals the Committee had for facilitating librarians' and archivists' abilities to take advantage of research opportunities. The Committee did not receive any applications for this year.
--The Committee met this month to discuss ideas on how to generate more applications. One idea is to meet with the UL, AULs, the CAPA Chair and
other persons involved in the peer review process to ask for their assessment as to how research activities might be given promotion and merit review consideration. Another idea is to plan a program that will showcase
librarians' research activities in 5 minute talks.