Affiliate Libraries 2009 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly
October 21, 2009
8:30-10:00 a.m.
Goldberg Room, Boalt Hall


The Affiliated Libraries Administrative Group ( TALAG) Terry Huwe, Chair
TALAG focuses on ensuring the Affiliated Heads are aware of news and developments in our varied administrative settings.
TALAGs report will be presented by Terry Huwe in person at the Assembly. To see the approved minutes from prior meetings, please go to

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement ( CAPA)
Nick Robinson, Affiliated Representative
CAPA Members:
Manuel Erviti, Chair (2009)
Lynn Jones (2010)
Brian Quigley (2011)
Nick Robinson (2010)
Jane Rosario (2011)
Virginia Shih (2011)
Christina Tarr (2009)

Summary of CAPA activities:
1. Position Descriptions
CAPA has reviewed one position description since November 2008:
Licensing & Contract Librarian (Part-Time)

2. Candidate Interviews
CAPA has interviewed 12 candidates for 4 positions since November
Digital Services Librarian, Institute of Governmental Studies Library (3)
Head of Acquisitions (3)
Licensing & Contract Librarian, Part-Time (2)
Chemical Information Specialist/Cheminformatics Librarian (4)

3. Librarian Review Process
Thirty-five cases were eligible for review, thirteen of which came from
affiliated libraries. Four Ad Hoc Committees were appointed to review
eight Career Status and four Promotion cases. In addition, two formal
petitions for reconsideration of a review were addressed, one
completed in January and the second in October.
Total Cases Reviewed:
By Affiliation:
34 (1 later withdrawn)
13 (1 later withdrawn)
By Rank:
Assistant Librarian 0
Associate Librarian 20
Librarian 14 (1 later withdrawn)

CAPA Recommendations:
Remain at Current Step 3
Merit Increases 25
Accelerated Merit 3
Career Status 8
Promotion 5
Distinguished 0

UL Recommendations:
Remain at Current Step 3
Merit Increases 22
Accelerated Merit 6
Career Status 8
Promotion 5
Distinguished 0

CAPA Disagreed with RI4
UL Disagreed with RI 2

UL Disagreed with CAPA: 3 [all were cases of acceleration]

Nominations and Elections Committee Report to Fall Affiliated Libraries Assembly
Current and new members of the LAUC-B Nominations and Elections
Bette Anton, Co-Chair, Optometry Library (2009)
Myrtis Cochran, Doe Moffitt (2010)
John Gallwey, Inst. of Transportation Studies, Affiliated
Representative (2011)
Marlene Harmon, Co-Chair, Law Library, Affiliated Representative
Jianye He, East Asian Library (2011)
Jason Schultz, Doe Moffitt (2010)

1. The committee conducted LAUC-B and LAUC Statewide elections
and made recommendations for appointment to local and
statewide committees.
The following members were elected to office:
VC/Chair Elect:
Susan Koskinen
I-Wei Wang
Judy Bolstad
Library Representatives:
Michaelyn Burnette
Sandy Tao
Affiliated VC/Chair Elect/
Affiliated Representative:
Linda Vida
The following members have been appointed to LAUC-B and
LAUC Statewide committees:
LAUC-B Committee on Diversity:
Barbara Bohl, Affiliated Rep. (re-appointed, 1 year, 2010)
Debbie Jan (2011)
Adnan Malak (2011)
LAUC-B Committee on Professional Development:
Imad Abuelgasim (2011)
Kendra Levine (2011)
Linda Vida, Affiliated Rep. (2011)
LAUC-B Committee on Research:
Lily Castillo-Speed, Affiliated Rep. (2011)
Lisa Rowlinson de Ortiz (2011)
James Spohrer (Townsend Fellow) (2011)
Kai Stoeckenius (2011)
LAUC-B Nominations and Elections Committee:
John Gallwey, Affiliated Rep. (2011)
Jianye He (2011)
LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity: Adnan Malak
LAUC Statewide Nominating Committee: Terry Huwe (2010)

2. Two firsts occurred during the Committees tenure: the first tie
vote for an office (that anyone can remember) and as a result,
the first LAUC-B electronic election. The tie occurred for the
position of treasurer. The Committee is happy to report that the
runoff election for that position was conducted electronically.
The LAUC-B Executive Committee is investigating the possibility
of conducting all future elections electronically.

3. The Committee will hold its turnover meeting on October 29, 2009.

Committee on Diversity
Barbara Bohl (Affiliated rep.)
Mia Jaeggli (Staff rep.)
Adnan Malik (Statewide rep.)
Debbie Jan
Susan Wong (Ex officio, LHRD rep.)
This year the Committee is planning to offer both a Mentoring and a
Job Shadowing program. There will be a brown bag meet and greet
in early November (tentatively scheduled Nov. 16) to describe the
programs and answer questions. Application forms will be available at
the meeting, and will also be available on the Committees web site
(currently under construction).
The programs will begin in late Jan./early Feb. please watch your
mail for future announcements, and encourage your staff to

Committee on Research
The Research Committee sponsored a brown bag meeting on October
14 to provide useful information about the Townsend Fellowship
program. Townsend Center Associate Director Teresa Stojkov described
the program and fielded questions. Jim Spohrer, a 2009-2010 Fellow,
and Dean Rowan, a past Fellow, spoke about their experiences. For
anyone interested, the Townsend Center web site provides a great deal
of useful information, including application forms. The deadline for the
upcoming Fellowship program is November 16, with notification in mid-