2013 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

Presented at the LAUC-B 2013 Fall Assembly
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)

Report submitted to LAUC-B ExComm in advance of the 2013 Fall Assembly. Report by outgoing Chair, Jennifer K. Nelson, 2012-2013


  • Jennifer Nelson, Chair (2013) 
  • Debbie Jan (2014) 
  • Ramona Martinez (2015) 
  • Kathi Neal (2013) 
  • Claude Potts (2014) 
  • Kai Stoekenius (2014) 
  • Susan Xue (2015)

Summary of activities for the period 11/2012-11/2013:

1. Position descriptions reviewed:  7

  • Associate Librarian/Archivist, Environmental Design Archives, College of Environmental Design 
  • Political Science, Public Policy and Government Documents Librarian 
  • Head of International & Area Studies, Doe/Moffitt Libraries 
  • GIS & Map Librarian
  • Earth Sciences & Physical Sciences Librarian 
  • Natural Sciences Librarian, Marion Koshland Bioscience & Natural Resources Library 
  •  Rare Books Librarian, The Bancroft Library 

 2. Candidate Interviews: 12 people for 4 positions

  • Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Sr., Papers Processing Archivist (3 candidates) 
  • Political Science, Public Policy and Government Documents Librarian (3 candidates) 
  • GIS & Map Librarian (4 candidates) 
  •  Head of International & Area Studies (2 candidates) 

 3. Total cases up for review: 30
The Library: 19 Affiliated Libraries: 11

Types of reviews:

  • 19 Merits 
  • 2 Career status 
  • 1 Promotions 
  • 1 Accelerations 
  • 2 Distinguished 
  • 5 Special 
  • 3 Retirements/resignations/separations during review period 
  • 1 Dossier not submitted, no review 

CAPA disagreed with the Review Initiator in two cases.  For the Affiliated Libraries, the Vice-Provost disagreed with CAPA in one case.  Two ad hoc committees were appointed to review career status and promotion cases.

 4. News

  •  Kai Stoeckenius is the incoming Chair for 2013-14.
  •  Julie Lefevre and Teresa Mora are the new members. 

The LAUC-B Professional Development Committee and CAPA cosponsored the Academic Review Workshop on October 22, 2013. Speakers included Tom Leonard, University Librarian; Jennifer Nelson, CAPA outgoing Chair; Kathi Neal, CAPA outgoing member; and Stacey Shulman, Academic Personnel Office. CAPA extends its thanks to the Professional development Committee and to the outgoing and continuing CAPA members for their contributions and advice - and to Jeffrey Loo for his outstanding infographics.

Conference Planning Committee


  • Jennifer Nelson, Conference Committee Co-Chair
  • Christina Tarr, Conference Committee Co-Chair
  • Jean Dickinson
  • Ellen Gilmore
  • Cody Hennesy
  • Dana Jemison
  • Jim Ronningen
  • Michael Sholinbeck
  • Kai Stoeckenius

The 2013 LAUC-B Conference, Making It Count: Opportunities and Challenges for Library Assessment, was a great success. 164 people registered and about 144 attended. The average rating for the content of the conference program was 3.56 (out of 4), and the average rating for the conference logistics was 3.82, giving the overall conference a rating of 3.67. In the comments area of the evaluation attendees wrote: “This was the best LAUC-B conference I’ve attended”; “More than met my expectations”; “Even exceeded expectations. Excellent content and well presented.”  More than one respondent made comments similar to this one: “Exceeded expectations. Had little interest in evaluation prior to attendance. Now I have ideas.” It seems that our general plan—to introduce the idea of library assessment, have different speakers discuss it from different perspectives, and have the breakout sessions plus poster sessions discuss practical applications of assessment—worked well. The variety, plus the ability to mix and interact with different groups of people, seems popular.

The conference was held at the David Brower Center, an easy and convenient location. It’s a modern facility, so there is no stress in supporting speakers’ slides, recording, etc. It provides room for 4 breakout sessions. The main auditorium is a perfect size—big enough to accommodate the audience but small enough to feel collegial. The roof deck is a great space for the after-conference reception, which was a big success again. We believe the reception does encourage more people to attend the conference through the last speaker. The DBC is also convenient to public transportation, which was handy since 101 of the 164 final registrants came from someplace other than UC Berkeley.  We had representation from all 10 campuses, and the Office of the President. The conference does indeed provide good publicity for LAUC-B. Several respondents expressed gratitude to LAUC-B for putting this on, and for making it free and open to the public. The powerpoint and other slides of all the sessions, as well as copies of the posters from the poster session are available on our website,/conference-2013/program. All sessions presented in the main auditorium were taped, and will be available on the UC Berkeley Youtube channel soon. Many thanks to all the committee members, who worked on this conference for nearly two years, and thanks as well to those who volunteered to help out on the day of the conference.

Committee on Affiliated Libraries Report


  • Jason Miller, Chair (2014)
  • Kendra Levine (2015)
  • Rita Evans, ex-officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair) (2013-2014)

On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs held our Fall Assembly in Room 141, Boalt Hall. Our featured speaker was Sue Chesley Perry, Head of Digital Initiatives/Emerging Technologies at the UC Santa Cruz Library.

Sue presented on the Grateful Dead Archive Online (http://www.gdao.org/), an expansive online digital project that highlights holdings from UC Santa Cruz's Grateful Dead Archive (http://library.ucsc.edu/grateful-dead-archive).

Sue spoke on the development of the site, as well as providing remarks on its current usage and sustainability now that the project has been in production mode for nearly 18 months. The presentation was well received, and there was ample time for questions, which ranged from collection development policy in regards to user-contributed content, to copyright, to technical infrastructure of the website.

Committee on Diversity

Report by Karen Yu and Imad Abuelgasim (Co-Chair)


  • Imadelden Abuelgasim, Co-Chair (2014)
  • Karen Yu, Co-Chair (2014)
  • Liladhar Pendse (2015)
  • Virginia Shih (2015)
  • Sarah Ngo, (SDC Representative) (2015)
  • Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD Representative)
  • Jane Rosario, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)

The committee also plans to continue its connections with the Vice Chancellor’s Office in the Division of Equity & Inclusion for programs and with HAAS Institute for the possibility of extending an invitation to speakers on diversity for the Library staff in the fall of 2014.

For 2013-14 the committee plans to host “International Library Day” (for the first time) at UC Berkeley library (Morison Library) in the spring of 2014. This is to celebrate diversity at UC Berkeley library. It allows library staff to express and share their cultural diversity through dress, cuisine, music, dance, décor, and to spread information about their country, language and culture in an interactive and entertaining way. We want to show that we are open-minded, reflective and caring about all cultures and diversity. The event will feature a speech by Tom Leonard (UCB University Librarian).In 2013 the committee appointed Sarah Ngo as the SDC representative.

Jane Rosario, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD Representative)Sarah Ngo, (SDC Representative) (2015)Virginia Shih (2015)Liladhar Pendse (2015)Karen Yu, Co-Chair (2014)Imadelden Abuelgasim, Co-Chair (2014) MembersReport by Karen Yu and Imad Abuelgasim (Co-Chair)Committee on Diversity.

Nominations and Elections Committee

 Report by Co-Chairs Brian Quigley and Michaelyn Burnette


  • Brian Quigley, Co-Chair (Michaelyn Burnette, Co-Chair (2014)
  • Marlene Harmon (2015)
  • Monica Singh (2015)

The committee wishes to extend its gratitude to outgoing co-chairs David Eifler and Waverly Lowell for their leadership in 2012-13.

1. The committee conducted LAUC-B and LAUC elections. Following current practice, the elections were conducted online using SurveyMonkey. The following LAUC-B members were elected to office:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Rita Evans
  • Secretary: Jim Church
  • Treasurer: Lisa Ngo
  • Library Representatives: Cody Hennesy, Elliott Smith
  • Affiliated Library Representative: Kendra Levine
Kendra Levine as incoming Affiliated Library Representative will serve a year as Chair-Elect of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs before becoming Chair of that committee and member of the Executive Committee in 2014-15.

2.   The committee also made recommendations for appointments to local and statewide committees. The following members were appointed to LAUC-B and LAUC statewide Committees:

Committee on Diversity

  • Liladhar Pendse
  • Virginia Shih

Committee on Professional Development

  • Michele Morgan
  • Lydia Peterson
  • Emily Vigor (affiliated)

Committee on Research

  • Ramona Martinez (former Townsend fellow and affiliated)

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Marlene Harmon (affiliated)
  • Monica Singh (replacing Dana Jemison who resigned)

Statewide Committee on Diversity

  • Jane Rosario

Research Committee

Fall Assembly Report by Chair


  • Jim Church (2014)
  • Kendra Levine (Chair, Affiliated representative) (2014)
  • Lisa Ngo, ex officio (Representative to LAUC Statewide Committee on Research and Professional Development) (2014)
  • Ramona Martinez (2015)

Townsend Library Fellowship

TheTownsend Library Fellowship Committee did not host an early bird this year due to scheduling issues. An email was sent out to LAUC-B members informing them of the deadline November 15, 2013. The message included information about the program and funding, which is now a research $1,000 stipend. Testimonials from Townsend Fellows Jennifer Nelson (2013-2014) and Ramona Martinez (2011-2012) gave prospective applicants an idea of the benefits of the program.