2012 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B 2012 Spring Assembly
Morrison Library
Tuesday April 10, 2012
8:30-10:00 a.m 

Committee Reports

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA)

Report by Chair Rita Evans

  • Rita Evans (Chair) 
  • Jim Church 
  • Kathi Neal 
  • Jenny Nelson 
  • Debbie Jan 
  • Claude Potts 
  • Kai Stoeckenius
Academic reviews

CAPA is meeting weekly to review a total of 31 cases. The ad hoc committees have completed their work.

CAPA reviews position announcements for openings in the Librarian series. Since November CAPA has reviewed announcements for three positions:

  • Training and Processing Archivist Bancroft
  • Instruction/ Reference Librarian - Public Health
  • Goldman Fund Processing Archivist Bancroft
Candidate Interviews

CAPA interviews all candidates for positions in the Librarian series to evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley and to share information related to the Librarian review process. Since November CAPA has conducted the following interviews:

  • Digital Project Archivist four candidates
  • E-Learning Librarian three candidates
  • Librarian for Japanese Collections four candidates
  • Slavic and East European Studies Librarian three candidates
  • Legal Research Librarian two candidates

Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs

Report by Chair Jennifer K. Nelson

  • Jennifer K. Nelson, Chair (2012) 
  • Julie Lefevre Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2013) 
  • Rita Evans, (TALAG Chair) (2012) 
  • Susan Edwards, ex-officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair) (2011-12) 

On Tuesday 20 March 2012, the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs held our Spring Assembly in the Goldberg Room (297 Simon Hall). Our speaker was David Hansen, Digital Library Fellow at Berkeley Law. Dave presented on the topic of "Fair Use and Libraries." He began his presentation by providing an overview of the Berkeley (Law) Digital Library Copyright Project, and then moved on to the substance of his talk: the "Fair Use" exclusion in copyright law and e-reserves. There was ample time for Q&A. The Spring program was very well received. The meeting minutes will be posted to the committee page on the LAUC-B website, as well as a link to Dave's PowerPoint presentation.

Dave Hansen's tenure as Digital Library Fellow at Berkeley Law is for two years, beginning September 2011. Before coming to Berkeley, he interned in the Office of Scholarly Communications at Duke University Libraries. While there he worked on numerous open access and library copyright issues. Dave also worked with the UNC-Chapel Hill Law Library in a number of roles, most recently as their Graduate Assistanta position designed to help transition library students into the profession of law librarianship. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law, and is in the final stages of his coursework for a Master of Science in Library Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Library and Information Science.

Committee on Diversity

Report by Chair John D. Berry

  • John Berry, Chair (9/2011-2012)
  • Debbie Jan, Chair (to 9/2011), Statewide representative
  • Jenna Kreiss, Staff representative
  • Jeffery Loo
  • Manuel Erviti
  • Ramona Martinez
  • Susan Wong, Ex-officio, LHRD representative

The committee did a good job this semester and held the following event.

The LAUC-B Diversity Committee invited a SJSU library school representative, Dr. Fisher, to a UCB library Brown Bag for an informational session for staff. Dr. Fisher gave a presentation which emphasized non-traditional MLS positions here are some worthy weblinks addressing this issue:

Join Dr. Sandy Hirsh at a recorded session, as she presents New Career Pathways for Information Professionals; http://slisweb.sjsu.edu/media/media.htm

There are some campus workshops coming up which would benefit staff.

First Take / Second Look: Exploring Unconscious Bias

  • Thursday, April 19, 2012: 9:00-11:00am, Stephens Hall, Geballe Room
  • Wednesday, June 13, 2012: 9:00-11:00am, Location To Be Determined


Discussions continue about how to get the proposed "Diversity Fellowship Librarian Position," implemented by the Main campus library; this position was "accepted in principal" by the UL in 2002.

We encourage all LAUC members to weigh in regarding the establishment of this Fellowship.

No decisions about continuing or canceling the Job Shadowing and Staff Mentorship programs from years past has been reached. Whether programs which have low participation should be continued/discontinued or modified is an ongoing issue.

No contact with the Vice Chancellors Office in the Division of Equity & Inclusion to see if they can be tapped for joint programs and resources has yet been finalized.

Committee on Professional Development

Report by Report by Co-Chairs Dana Jemison and Teresa Mora

  • Dana Jemison, Co-Chair (2012)
  • Teresa Mora, Co-Chair (2012)
  • Hilary Schiraldi (2013)
  • Harrision Dekker (2013)
  • Randaly Brandt (2013)

LAUC-B Professional Development is working on our spring program, to be held on June 4th. This year, it is going to be a panel discussion on the topic of where UC librarians should focus their professional development efforts going into the future. The panel will be comprised of Tom Leonard (UCB UL), Denise Stephens (UCSB UL), Laine Farley (CDL Executive Director), and Clifford Lynch (UCB iSchool Adjunct Faculty). Nick Robinson (LAUC-B Chair) will be our moderator. More information about this event will be forthcoming in early April.

Committee on Research

Report by Chair Jennifer Dorner

  • Jennifer Dorner, Chair (2012)
  • William Benemann (Affiliated representative) (2012)
  • Paul Hamburg (Townsend Fellow representative) (2012)
  • Dean Rowan (Affiliated representative) (2013) 
  • Jaeyong Chang (2013)
  • John Shepard (2013)
Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini Grants

Early in fall 2012 the Committee held an informational brown bag to encourage librarians to submit proposals for LAUC grants and to apply for the Townsend Center Library Fellowship. A representative from the Committee also attended the CAPA Academic Review Program to share information about both programs. The Committee received no LAUC Research Grant proposals this year, but did receive four proposals for Presentation Grants, which were forwarded to the LAUC statewide Committee on Research. Two of them were later withdrawn. There were no applications for Mini Grants. The Committee has no word as yet on whether any of the proposals have been accepted.

Townsend Center Library Fellowship

The Townsend Center received no applications for the Library Fellowship.

LAUC-B Web Documentation for the Committee on Research

The Research Committee pages on the LAUC-B site have been revised and updated with current information and additional references for the Townsend Fellowship and LAUC Research grants.

Workshop on Research Methodology

The committee is planning a brown-bag event to give librarians and staff an opportunity to learn about and discuss research methodologies.

LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity

Report by Debbie Jan, Statewide Representative

In addition to fulfilling the committee's standing charge stated in the LAUC Bylaws Article VIII, Section 1.e.3, the 2011/12 committee was given the specific charges of:

  1. Gather and compile statistical information regarding the current state of diversity among UC librarians including such differences such as rank/step, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, language, educational attainment, abilities/disabilities, years of service, etc.
  2. Compare those statistics to local campus and systemwide populations of the University.
  3. Compare those statistics to local, state, and national figures.

Using the LAUC Membership Survey results and a reading list of relevant reports, the committee will be comparing diversity characteristics of the UC librarians to other librarian groups. The LAUC Membership Survey completed in 2010/11 had about a 70% participation rate with 328 responses.

A final assessment report is due to the LAUC President by August 15, 2012.

LAUC Statewide Committee on Professional Governance

Report by Lynn Jones, Statewide Representative

The Committee has had two charges:

  1. Campus LAUC divisions are updating campus bylaws and will need the committee to review changes for consistency with Systemwide Bylaws.
  2. Provide direction to campus division discussions of the 2010 The NextGen LAUC Member: A Report from the LAUC Committee on Professional Governance report and further exploration of themes for librarian attributes and skill development. Some campuses have had discussions of this charge.

Nominations and Elections Committee

Report by Chair James Eason

  • Waverly Lowell, Affiliated Representative (2012-13)
  • David Eifler (2012-13)
  • Manuel Erviti (2011-12)
  • James Eason, Chair (2011-12)
2012 Election

The Nominations and Elections Committee has received nominations and identified candidates willing to run in the upcoming LAUC-B election.

LAUC-B Executive Board positions

The positions open this year include Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, two Library Representatives, and an Affiliated Representative.

Candidates will be announced at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly on Tuesday, April 10, and further nominations will be sought from the floor during that meeting. Voting will again be through an online ballot for both LAUC-B and LAUC statewide elections. The statewide election will not be managed centrally, but as part of each campus election. Candidates statements will be available on the LAUC-B website. The online polls will be open from May 14 until June 1. Online ballots will be due by the close of election day, June 1.