2012 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B 2012 Fall Assembly
Morrison Library
Wednesday November 28, 2012
8:30-10:00 a.m

Committee Reports

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)

Report by Chair Rita Evans


Rita Evans, Chair (2012)
Jim Church (2012)
Debbie Jan (2014)
Kathi Neal (2013)
Jennifer Nelson (2013)
Claude Potts (2014)
Kai Stoekenius (2014)

Summary of activities for the period 11/2011-11/2012:

1. Position Descriptions Reviewed 8

  • Digital Project Archivist  (Library)
  • Librarian for the Japanese Collection (C.V Starr East Asian Library)
  • E-Learning Librarian (Doe/Moffitt Libraries)
  • Slavic and East European Studies Librarian (Doe/Moffitt Libraries)
  • Legal Research Librarian (Law Library)
  • Instruction/Reference Librarian (Public Health Library)
  • Goldman Fund Processing Archivist (Bancroft Library)
  • Archivist (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology)

2. Candidate Interviews 41 for 12 positions

  • Digital Project Archivist 4 candidates
  • Librarian for the Japanese Collection 4 candidates
  • E-Learning Librarian 3 candidates
  • Slavic and East European Studies Librarian 6 candidates in two rounds
  • Legal Research Librarian 2 candidates
  • Instruction/Reference Librarian 6 candidates in three rounds
  • Goldman Fund Processing Archivist 3 candidates
  • Archivist 1 candidate
  • Reference and Instruction Librarian (Business Library) 1 candidate
  • Project Archivists (Environmental Design Archives) 5 candidates
  • Project Archivists (2 positions) (Bancroft Library) 6 candidates

3. Librarian Reviews

Total cases up for review: 34

    • The Library: 24
    • Affiliated Libraries: 10
    • 21 Merits
    • 3 Career status
    • 4 Promotions
    • 4 Accelerations
    • 1 Distinguished
    • 4 Special
    • 3 Retirements/resignations during review period
    • 2 Dossiers not submitted, no review

    Types of Reviews

    CAPA disagreed with one of two Review Initiators in one case. The University Librarian disagreed with CAPA in two cases, both involving acceleration. For the Affiliated Libraries, the Vice-Provost disagreed with CAPA in one case.

    Three ad hoc committees were appointed to review career status and promotion cases.

    4. News

    • Jenny Nelson is the incoming Chair for 2012-13. Ramona Martinez and Susan Xue are the new members.
    • The LAUC-B Professional Development Committee and CAPA cosponsored the Academic Review Workshop on October 23, 2012. Speakers included Tom Leonard, University Librarian; Rita Evans, CAPA Outgoing Chair; Jim Church, CAPA Outgoing Member; Susan Wong, Library Human Resources Department; and Stacey Shulman, Academic Personnel Office. CAPA extends its thanks to Jim Church for his diligent efforts on this workshop, to the continuing members for their contributions and advice, and Jeff Loo for his outstanding infographics.

    Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs

    Report by Chair Julie Lefevre


    Julie Lefevre, Chair (2013)
    Jason Miller, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2014)
    Rita Evans, (TALAG Chair) (2013)
    Lynn Jones, ex-officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair) (2012-13)

    On Tuesday 13 November 2012, the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs held our Fall Assembly in Room 141, Boalt Hall. Our topic was Online Education and the Library, with presentations by Cody Hennesy, E-Learning Librarian; Harrison Dekker, Head of the Library Data Lab; Michael Sholinbeck, Assistant Head of Public Health Library.

    In the past year UC Berkeley has joined Harvard and MIT in offering free online classes via edX; the UC Office of the President has launched UC Online; and at least four different UC Berkeley graduate programs are, or will soon be, offering online degree programs.

    Cody Hennesy introduced these programs, and discussed how they fit into the campus online education strategy, and how the Library is beginning to respond. Harrison Dekker discussed his experience coordinating a "shadow" course on campus for a MOOC - or massive open online course offered outside of UC Berkeley. And Michael Sholinbeck covered lessons learned in creating a series of videos for the first cohort of the Online Master of Public Health degree program.

    There was ample time for Q&A. Links to Cody's and Michael's presentations were emailed to allusers after the presentation and will be posted on the committee page on the LAUC-B website.

    Committee on Diversity

    Report by Chair Manuel Erviti


    Manuel Erviti, Chair (2013)
    Ramona Martinez (Affiliated Representative) (2013)
    Imadelden Abuelgasim (2014)
    Karen Yu (2014)
    [SDC Appointee, vacant]
    Susan Wong, ex officio (LHRD Representative)
    Debbie Jan, ex officio (LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity)

    In 2011-12 the LAUC-B Diversity Committee entered discussion with the Vice Chancellors Office in the Division of Equity & Inclusion concerning the proposed "Diversity Fellowship Librarian Position," which was accepted in principal by the UL in 2002. A way forward for that initiative was not found. Low participation in committee-led Job Shadowing and Staff Mentorship programs in recent years, supported by survey responses from participants, led to the decision for a hiatus. In February the committee did take up the issue of staff career pathways and invited a SJSU library school representative to a UCB library Brown Bag for an informational session for staff, emphasizing non-traditional MLS positions.

    For 2012-13 the committee plans to investigate tapping the Vice Chancellors Office in the Division of Equity & Inclusion for programs and resources for individuals and groups, and specifically, their Multicultural Education Program, supporting campus workshops for Library staff. In addition, the possibility of extending an invitation to a speaker on diversity is being explored.

    Committee on Professional Development

    Report by Co-Chairs, Randal Brandt and Hilary Schiraldi


    Randal Brandt, Co-Chair (2013)
    Hilary Schiraldi, Co-Chair (2013)
    Harrison Dekker (2013)
    Julie Lefevre (Affiliated representative) (2014)
    Jill Woolums (2014)

    Committee Activities

    The LAUC-B Committee on Professional Development presented the program, Library Leaders Perspectives on Professional Development, held at the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, 2121 Allston Way in downtown Berkeley, on June 4, 2012. The program consisted of a panel discussion on the best contemporary professional development directions for librarians and was comprised of panelists Laine Farley (CDL Executive Director), Tom Leonard (UCB University Librarian), and Clifford Lynch (UCB iSchool Adjunct Faculty). Then LAUC-B Chair Nick Robinson served as moderator. (UCSB University Librarian Denise Stephens was also scheduled to participate on the panel but was unable to attend.) The panelists presentations were followed by a lively Q & A session.

    On October 23, 2012, the Committee on Professional Development hosted the CAPA review workshop, which was attended by over 30 librarians and review initiators. The Committee also co-hosted a presentation by Sara Thacker of the Staff Ombuds Office with the Staff Development Committee on November 14, 2012.

    Committee on Research

    Report by Chair Dean Rowan


    Dean C. Rowan (Chair, Townsend Fellow representative) (2013)
    Jae-Yong Chang (2013)
    Jim Church (2014)
    Kendra Levine (Affiliated representative) (2014)
    John Shepard (2013)
    Lisa Ngo, ex officio (Representative to LAUC Statewide Committee on Research and Professional Development) (2014)

    Townsend Library Fellowship

    The Committee hosted an early bird on Thursday, October 4, 2012, to provide information for librarians interested in applying for the Library Fellowship awarded by the Townsend Center for the Humanities. Thirteen LAUC-B members attended. The event featured introductions and brief talks from Townsend Center Associate Director Teresa Stojkov and 2011-12 Library Fellow Ramona Martinez, followed by open discussion among the attendees. Ms. Stojkov invited librarians in attendance to contact Townsend Center Fellowships Administrator Scott Roberts to arrange to attend a weekly meeting of the Townsend Fellows. She further recommended establishment of a LAUC-B working group of librarians who meet regularly to discuss research opportunities, topics, and methods. Should such a group prove viable, she suggested it could work with Townsend resources, such as the Townsend Humanities Lab platform, to conduct virtual projects and discussions. We expect to have applicants this year for the fellowship. We also discussed, albeit briefly, LAUC Research Grants, Mini-Grants, and Presentation Grants, the official call for which appeared later in the month.

    Conference Planning Committee

    Report by Co-Chairs Christina Tarr and Jennifer Nelson


    Jennifer Nelson, Co-Chair
    Christina Tarr, Co-Chair
    Jean Dickinson
    Ellen Gilmore
    Cody Hennesey
    Dana Jemison
    Margo Padilla
    Mario Ramirez
    Jim Ronningen
    Michael Sholinbeck
    Kai Stoeckenius

    Weve come up with a location (the David Brower center), a date (October 25, 2013), and two keynote speakers Steve Hiller of the University of Washington and David Fetterman, a consultant formerly at Stanford. Steve was recommended to us by Susan Edwards, who saw him speak at the ACRL conference on assessment. Were counting on him to give us a roadmap to the field of library assessment. From his website: Steve Hiller has been active in library assessment for nearly 20 years, presenting and publishing widely on a number of assessment-related topics during that period. His current areas of interest are in user needs assessment, strategic planning, library performance metrics, and developing organizational capacity for sustainable assessment.  http://www.lib.washington.edu/dean/leadership/cabinet/hiller  David Fetterman (http://www.davidfetterman.com/) is also active in the area of assessment, in particular empowerment assessment, which involves organizations figuring out the best ways to assess themselves. Mr. Fetterman wrote to us in his acceptance letter, "also think empowerment evaluation is useful and a powerful tool for librarians and library systems. It is a collaborative tool that helps people help themselves. I say this because I evaluated the Stanford University Library system some years ago so I have a pretty good idea what many of the issues are and the culture (or I should say cultures) are as well." Between these two bookends, one practical and one inspirational, we plan to have a morning panel of three speakers, as yet undetermined, a catered lunch, and four afternoon breakout sessions plus poster sessions during lunch. If we can, wed like to repeat the tradition begun in 2011 of having a rooftop reception at the close of the conference. The RFP for the breakout and poster sessions has gone out to LAUC members. The first deadline for proposals is December 14th. We'll extend it if necessary. We're working now to fill out our panel, our breakout and poster sessions, and to get proposals for catering. We've got a preliminary website up and running as well at /content/making-it-count-opportunities-and-challenges-library-assessment

    Distinguished Librarian Award Committee

    Report by Chair Susan Koskinen


    Bette Anton (past recipient/ Optometry)
    Dmitry Budker (Miller Physics Professor)
    Myrtis Cochran (Doe)
    Susan Koskinen (DLA Chair/Physics-Astronomy)
    John Shepard (Music)

    The DLA Committee is proud to announce that the 2012 Distinguished Librarians are Lillian Castillo-Speed and Marci Hoffman.

    Please see the announcement on the LAUC-B website: /dla/distinguished-librarian-award

    To celebrate the achievements of our new Distinguished Librarians, all library staff were invited to join Chancellor Bergeneau, University Librarian Tom Leonard and the Librarians Association at a reception, which took place on Wednesday, November 28, 4:00 to 6:00pm in the Morrison Library. Approximately one hundred people attended the event, which was videotaped and can be viewed on YouTube.


    Nominations and Elections Committee

    Report by immediate past Chair James Eason


    Michaelyn Burnette (2014)
    David Eifler, Co-Chair (2013)
    Waverly Lowell, Co-Chair (2013)
    Brian Quigley (2014)

    1. The committee conducted LAUC-B and LAUC statewide elections.

    The Following LAUC-B members were elected to office:



    • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Lynn Jones
    • Secretary: Teresa Mora
    • Library Representatives: Jim Ronningen; Hilary Schiraldi
    • Affiliated Libraries Affairs Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Jason Miller


    (Affiliated Libraries Representative Julie Lefevre, elected 2011, joins the LAUC-B Executive Committee for 2012-13.  Jason Miller joins the Executive Committee in 2013-14, when he assumes the position of Chair of the Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs.)

    LAUC statewide:


    • Vice President/President-Elect: Nick Robinson


    2. The committee made recommendations to the LAUC-B Chair for appointments to local and statewide committees.

    The following members were appointed to LAUC-B and LAUC statewide Committees:

    LAUC-B Nominations & Elections


    • Michaelyn Burnette
    • Brian Quigley


    LAUC-B Professional Development


    • Jill Woolums
    • Julie Lefevre


    LAUC-B Research


    • Jim Church
    • Kendra Levine


    LAUC-B Diversity


    • Imadelden Abuelgasim
    • Karen Yu


    LAUC statewide Committee on Professional Governance


    • Joe Cera


    LAUC statewide Committee on Research and Professional Development


    • Lisa Ngo


    3. Following the practice of last year, the 2012 LAUC-B elections were conducted online, using Survey Monkey.
    4. Committee procedures were updated to reflect online voting rather than paper ballot distribution