2010 Fall Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Committee Reports
Fall Assembly 2010

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)
Report by Chair Lynn Jones

CAPA Members:
Lynn Jones, Chair (2010) outgoing Library Rep
Nick Robinson (2010) outgoing Affiliated Rep
Brian Quigley (2011) incoming Chair
Jane Rosario (2011
Virginia Shih (2011)
Jim Church (2012)
Paul Atwood (2012) resigning
Rita Evans (2012) completing Atwood term as Affiliated Rep
Kathi Neal (2013) incoming Library Rep
Jennifer Nelson (2013) incoming Affiliated Rep

Summary of CAPA activities for the period 4/13/2010 - 10/20/2010

  1. Position Descriptions Reviewed - 2

    • Emerging Technologies Librarian (Bioscience & Natural Resources Library)
    • Reference and Instruction Librarian (Doe/Moffitt Libraries)
  2. Candidate Interviews - 14
    • University Archives 75% Processing Archivist -- 3 candidates
    • Institute of Transportation Studies Library, Research, Outreach and Web Services Librarian -- 3 candidates
    • The Bancroft Library, Two-year 100% San Francisco Examiner Project Archivist -- 2 candidates
    • Bioscience Resources Library, Emerging Technologies Librarian -- 3 candidates
    • Doe/Moffitt Libraries, Two-year 50% Reference & Instruction Librarian -- 3 candidates
  3. Librarian Reviews
    • 39 completed Library reviews
    • 9 completed Affiliated reviews
    • 6 career status
    • 6 promotion
    • 1 accelerated
    • 1 distinguished
    • 1 special

University Librarian agreed with CAPA recommendations 44/48 times [92%], disagreed 4/48 times. In all cases of disagreement, UL's decision was more lenient than CAPA's.

    • 9 new Librarian VIIs
    • 4 new Librarian VIs
    • 2 new Librarian Vs
    • 5 new Librarian IVs
    • 4 new Librarian IIIs
    • 4 new Librarian IIs
    • 5 new Librarian Is
    • plus 15 associate librarians (II through VII)

  1. News

    • Fall Peer Review Workshop held on October 26, 2010
    • Affiliated librarians' review letters from AVP Zedeck very delayed- Jones and Quigley met with APO staff to discuss and improve 
    • electronic submission of dossiers; Jones met with Heather Archer, Head of APO; librarians will be folded in after faculty pilots are assessed. 2 years?
    • New CAPA page on the LAUC-B website - thanks to Nick Robinson
    • Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) no longer reports to UCOP and is administered by UCLA. There is a librarian at CEB in Oakland but she reports to UCLA.
    • WRCA is relocating to UC Riverside. Linda Vida and Paul Atwood have been offered positions at UCR beginning December 1. The collection itself is moving in January. Linda is pleased with the space in the Orbach Science Library where the collection will be housed. A very limited part of the collection will go to CSU San Bernardino but the integrity of the collection will be maintained. More information about the WRCA closure can be found at http://blogs.lib.berkeley.edu/wrca.php/2010/10/07/update-on-wrca-move-closed-as-of-oct-15
    • The Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics Library is essentially closed following the departure of Susan Garbarino. One part-time staff member is providing faculty with limited access to materials.
    • Visual Resources Library is no longer a separate entity. Jason Miller reports to Waverly Lowell in the Environmental Design Archives.
    • The Affiliated Libraries are well represented on campus library committees and councils.

    Meanwhile, the Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly featuring Gary Handman of the Media Resources Center speaking about librarian research and publishing was held on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Minutes to be posted to the LAUC-B website soon.

    Committee on Diversity
    Report by Chair Debbie Jan

    FY 2010/11 Roster:
    John Berry (2012)
    Debbie Jan, Chair (2011)
    Jenna Kreiss, Staff representative (2012)
    Jeffery Loo (2012)
    Adnan Malik, Statewide representative (2011)
    Susan Wong, Ex-officio, LHRD representative

    FY 2009/10 Roster:
    Barbara Bohl, Chair (2010)
    Mia Jaeggli, Staff representative (2010)
    Debbie Jan (2011)
    Adnan Malik, Statewide representative (2011)

    FY 2009/10 Activities:
    The committee was asked by LAUC-B ExComm to continue the activities started by the LAUC-B Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring. Two of these activities were offered during FY 2009/10: Job Shadowing Program and Staff Mentorship Program. An informal brown bag was held on November 16th as a Q & A opportunity to discuss the two programs.

    The Job Shadowing Program was an opportunity for Library and Affiliated Library staff to spend 2 hours interacting and observing a librarian or professional library staff member in a field of the staff member's interest for career or professional development. The program had 15 matches.

    The Staff Mentorship Program was a longer-term program. It offered the opportunity for Library and Affiliated Library staff to be mentored by a librarian or professional library staff member. The program obligation was for 1 academic year. The program had 6 matches.

    Committee on Research
    Report by Co-chairs Kai Stoechenius & Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz


    Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Co-Chair, (2011)
    Kai Stoeckenius, Co-Chair, (2011)

  2. Lily Castillo-Speed (Affiliated representative) (2011)

  3. William Benemann (Affiliated representative) (2012)
  4. Jennifer Dorner (2012)
  5. Paul Hamburg (Townsend Fellow representative) (2012)
  6. As noted in the Committee's spring report, the past year saw no proposals for LAUC Research Grants, and no applications for the Townsend Center Librarian Fellowship. That report also noted the Committee's collective concern over the absence of applications, and summarized their discussion of possible causes for the lack of interest. Since then the Committee has taken several initiatives to both further explore the reasons why librarians are not taking advantage of this support for research, and to promote and publicize these opportunities.

    Survey on librarian research

    The committee designed and carried out a survey of LAUC members, in an attempt to gauge their attitudes toward and awareness of LAUC sponsored support for librarian research. Approximately half of the LAUC-B membership responded to the survey. The results confirm that many members feel they do not have sufficient time to devote to a research project apart from their regular jobs; the fact that release time from regular job duties is usually not granted contributes to this feeling.

    Other reasons cited were denial of a previous application, and unfamiliarity with the process for proposing and carrying out research.

    The survey was distributed in August 2010. A summary of the results is attached to this report. Kai Stoeckenius and Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz reported on the survey results at the LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting on Oct. 14, 2010. Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz will also report on this at the Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly on Nov. 9, 2010.

    CAPA Workshop on Academic Review

    Kai Stoeckenius and Paul Hamburg gave a brief presentation on LAUC-B support for research at the annual CAPA workshop on academic review held Oct. 26, 2010.

    Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs

    Report by Chair Ramona Martinez

    Committee Members 2010-2011

    Ramona Martinez, Chair

    Jennifer Nelson, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect

    Rita Evans, TALAG Chair

    Nick Robinson, Ex Officio (LAUC-B Vice-Chair)

    Activities since Spring 2010

    The UC Berkeley Affiliated Libraries suffered several devastating losses in 2010.