2009 Spring Assembly Committee Reports

LAUC-B Committee Reports Compiled for the Spring Assembly May 19, 2009

I. Committee on Research (D. Rowan)
II. Nominations & Elections Committee (B. Anton & M. Harmon)
III. Committee on Professional Development (J. Dickinson & J. Gahagan) IV. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (M. Erviti) V. Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs (S. Petrites)

TO: Corliss Lee, President, LAUC-B

FR: Dean C. Rowan, Chair, LAUC-B Committee on Research

DT: May 11, 2009

RE: 2009 Spring Assembly Report: Committee on Research

Dean Rowan, Chair (Townsend Fellow representative) (2009) Imadeldin Abuelgasim (2009)
Marjorie Bryer (2010)
Susan Garbarino (ex officio, UCB representative to LAUC statewide Research and
Professional Development Committee) (2010) Shayee Khanaka (2010)
I-Wei Wang (Affiliated representative) (2009)

Townsend Library Fellow Grants

1. The Committee planned, then sponsored on November 5, 2008, a brown bag discussion of the Townsend Library Fellows application process. Townsend Associate Director Teresa Stojkov and Fellowships Coordinator Rachel Mullis attended, spoke about the work of the Townsend Center, and fielded questions about the Library Fellows program. In March 2009, James H. Spohrer, librarian for Germanic collections, was awarded the Library Fellowship for 2009-2010. At the time of this report, it appears Rachel Mullis is no longer affiliated with Townsend.
2. In an effort to address Townsends evolving application process, the Committee discussed adjustments to its own duties regarding promotion of the fellowship. With an application deadline in fall, the Committee proposed presenting a brown bag in spring or early summer, rather than fall. This meeting would serve to inform interested LAUC-B members about the fellowship, and give them time to develop
proposals, speak to past Fellows, communicate individually with Townsend staff, etc. Representatives of Townsend would not attend this early brown bag. In early fall, the Committee would sponsor another brown bag, including Townsend representatives,
to assist prospective applicants with the completion of their applications. Both brown

bags could also serve as opportunities to promote statewide LAUC grants, discussed further below. Accordingly, the Committee is planning a summer 2009 event, admittedly later than hoped for due to schedule conflicts, but a start toward shifting the annual time-line for Committee duties.
3. In the absence of language specific to the Library Fellows program on the Townsend web site, the Committee has drafted language for the LAUC-B web site. The language might also eventually appear on the Townsend site; alternatively, the Townsend site could simply link to the LAUC-B instance. In either case, Teresa Stojkov has asked to review the language to assure its consistency with Townsend procedures.

4. The Committee met with the Executive Committee on December 11 to discuss approaches to promoting and supporting LAUC-B applicants for the various grants, Townsend, and LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini. The Executive Committee agreed that earlier and additional brown bags to promote Townsend would be appropriate.

Statewide LAUC Research, Presentation, and Mini Grants

Following the December 11 ExComm meeting, the Committee met to prepare for the January deadlines for the statewide LAUC Research, and newly announced Presentation and Mini Grants. In lieu of a brown bag event, the Committee simply made a series of LAUC-B list posts soliciting applicants, inviting their questions for the Committee, and urging contact with identified former grant awardees. One LAUC Research Grant proposal from Berkeley was submitted, reviewed for comments by the Committee members, revised, and forwarded to the statewide Research and Professional Development Committee. One Presentation Grant application was also submitted and forwarded to the statewide Committee. Results are pending.

LAUC-B Web Documentation for the Committee on Research

In addition to the language described above regarding the Townsend Library Fellows program, the Committee is working on documentation for the LAUC-B web site to assist future iterations of the Committee. The language will include the time-line for brown bags and events promoting the various grant opportunities, as well as clarification of the Committees role in supporting LAUC-B members applications for these grants.

Nominations & Elections Committee, 2008-09
Submitted by Bette Anton & Marlene Harmon, Co-Chairs

May 11, 2009

TO: Corliss Lee, LAUC-B Chair

FROM: Bette Anton & Marlene Harmon, Co-Chairs

Current Members of the LAUC-B Nominations & Elections Committee are:

Bette Anton, Optometry Library, Co-Chair
Marlene Harmon, Law Library, Co-Chair & Affiliated Library Representative
Myrtis Cochran, Doe-Moffitt, Research and Collections for Humanities and Social
Jason Schultz, Doe-Moffitt, Research and Collections for International and Area Studies

The Committee is currently recruiting for the following LAUC-B Executive
Committee positions for FY 2009-2010:

Chair-Elect/Chair/Past-Chair, 3 year term
Secretary, 1 year term
Treasurer, 2 year term
Library Representatives (2), 1 year term
Affiliated Library Representative, 2 year term

Candidates for the positions are:

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Susan Koskinen
Treasurer: James Eason, I-Wei Wang
Secretary: Judy Bolstad, Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz
Library Representative: Michaelyn Burnette, Deborah Jan, Sandy Tao
Affiliated Library Representative: Linda Vida

Candidates for statewide positions are:

VP/President-Elect, Pauline Manaka (LAUC-I & Michael Yonezawa, LAUC-R) Secretary, Angela Boyd (LAUC-SB) & Gayatri Singh (LAUC-SD)

Ballots will be mailed to the membership during the last week of May. Candidates statements will be available on the LAUC-B website. The URL for statements will be included with the ballots, and will be sent out via the LAUC-B listserv. Election day is June 24, 2009, which is the date by which ballots must be received.


LAUC-B Committee on Professional Development
Annual Report, Spring 2009

Committee Members:

Jean Dickinson (2009) - Co-Chair Jeanne Gahagan (2009) - Co-Chair Dana Miller (2010)
Jim Ronningen (2010)

Shannon Supple (2009) - Affiliated Representative

Committee Activities:

A. Academic Review: A Program for LAUC-B Members
October 6, 2008, 8:30 10:00 a.m. Childrens Literature Room Education/Psychology Library

The Committee hosted the annual Academic Review Program for LAUC-B members. Myrtis Cochran and James Eason from the Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA) gave an overview of the review process and explained what reviewers looks for in a dossier. University Librarian Tom Leonard, Barbara Kornstein from Library Human Resources, and Elizabeth Leavitt from the Academic Personnel Office were also on hand to offer their perspectives and help answer questions. Approximately 40
people attended, and the consensus was that the program was very helpful, especially for those pursuing reviews in this cycle.

B. Professional Development Spring Events:
1) Brown Bag on How to Use Your Professional Development Funds for librarians.
April 24, 2009, Noon
Doe Library Room 303

The Committee planned and hosted a Brown Bag session for librarians on how to use and understand their professional development funds. Invited experts were Elise Woods, Library Chief Financial Officer; Kris Leonardo, Library Accounting Coordinator; and Corliss Lee, LAUC-B Chair. Some
of the issues that were discussed were what purposes professional development funding can be used for, and a show-and-tell of some of the forms and procedures required. The Brown Bag was well-attended, with about 20 interested attendees. Because of the many questions posed by attendees, it was felt that this workshop should be scheduled as an annual event. The Committee on Professional Development will be revising the current guidelines on the LAUC-B website to incorporate new information presented at this meeting.

2) Web 2.0 Tools @ UCB Libraries for all staff and librarians.
April 30, 2009, 8:30 10:00 a.m. Doe Library Room 303

The Committee planned and hosted an event about Web 2.0 tools being successfully used in our UCB Libraries. Invited speakers were Char Booth, E-Learning Librarian, who discussed her work with the new Library FAQ knowledgebase; Mia Jaeggli, Technical Services Workleader, spoke on

recent efforts by the staff of the Environmental Design Library to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into their workflow; and Lynne Grigsby, Head of Library Applications and Publishing, outlined ways the Library Systems Office supports Web 2.0 tool implementation. The event was standing-room only, with more than 40 attendees.

Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement

CAPA Members:

Manuel Erviti, Chair (2009) Lynn Jones (2010)
Brian Quigley (2011) Nick Robinson (2010) Jane Rosario (2011) Virginia Shih (2011) Christina Tarr (2009)

Summary of CAPA activities for the term 11/1/2008 to 10/31/2009, as of 5/8/2009:

1. Position Descriptions

CAPA has reviewed one position description since November 2008: Licensing & Contract Librarian (Part-Time)
2. Candidate Interviews
CAPA has interviewed 6 candidates for 2 positions since November 2008: Digital Services Librarian, Institute of Governmental Studies Library (3)
Head of Acquisitions (3)
Licensing & Contract Librarian (Part-Time) (scheduling in progress)

3. Librarian Review Process

Thirty-five cases are eligible for review, thirteen of which come from affiliated libraries. Four Ad Hoc Committees were appointed to review eight Career Status and four Promotion cases. Six candidates have requested an accelerated review. Thirty-three dossiers have been received and CAPA has completed review of twelve.

Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs (CALA) (Submitted by Seyem Petrites, Chair) The Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs held Fall and Spring Assemblies:
Fall Assembly November 5, 2008 Goldberg Room, 8:30-10:00 a.m.

The assembly began with announcements and reports from TALAG and the Affiliated representatives to the various LAUC-B committees. The guest speaker was Dr. Ken Haycock, Professor and Director of the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San Jose State University. Dr. Haycock spoke about how SLIS is embracing rapidly growing information technologies and applying them to library and information science education. SLIS has created more accessible learning opportunities through distance learning, and hybrid and online classes. Graduates of SLIS are expected to meet fifteen core competencies, and these, along with flexibility, ambition, and mobility, are key to a successful career as an information professional.

Spring Assembly April 22, 2009 Goldberg Room, 8:30 10:00 a.m.

The assembly began with announcements and reports. The guest speaker was Laine Farley, Executive Director of the California Digital Library. In her PowerPoint presentation titled 10 Things About CDL, Laine spoke about the new and innovative ways in which the CDL supports the UC libraries in their mission as well as how it works to develop, manage, and preserve digital collections and promote scholarly publishing for users beyond the UC community. Areas that were covered included shared collections, digital services, publishing, preservation, and mass digitization. Laine concluded by noting that the CDL is undergoing a strategic planning process which will most likely require new strategies and business partners.