Endpoint Solutions & Spaces, Roles and Responsibilities

Endpoint Solutions & Spaces provides; 24 x 7 support and full-range IT consultation services to the 23 general libraries (and certain affiliates). Servers have redundancy/failover in the event of an outage.

Contact us: Email: helpbox-library@berkeley.edu

ESS staff authorized to work on Library computers and system.

Services offered by Endpoint Solutions & Spaces

  1. Orders for new equipment and equipment upgrades, equipment moves, adds, and changes (this includes but are not limited to personal computers, printers, book scanners, smart devices, software, and peripherals).
  2. New computer user IDs and passwords, server connections, file server connections, network requests, reports, and application problems.
  3. Data backup and data restoration services (staff, departmental, and digital assets).
  4. Network jack activation, IP Address Management, DNS, in collaboration with IST.
  5. Physical network consultation, ordering, installation (in collaboration with IST).
  6. Library computing inventory services (staff and public).
  7. Library provided mobile device support - including but not limited to iOS and Android (WIFI setup/troubleshooting, Google/WIFI key creation, email setup, other general questions).
  8. Macintosh Desktop Service Support (staff and public).
  9. Windows Desktop Service Support (staff and public).
  10. Windows image creation with specialized library software applications (for staff and public computing environments - including imaging for laptop lending and classrooms).
  11. Macintosh image creation (for staff and public computing environments - including imaging for laptop lending).
  12. Conference room setup and support (computing and audio/video).
  13. Campus WIFI support/configuration for library devices.
  14. Campus WIFI printing setup and support (including refunds).
  15. Manage/administer printers in collaboration with UCSF (local\netowork). This includes Mobile Print.
  16. Public/Mobile print support in collaboration with ETS.
  17. Exhibit planning and setup.
  18. Environmental/Building services - building security, people counters, cameras, computer control mechanisms for lighting and HVAC systems.
  19. Special computing projects and support (e.g. microscope computing, forensics systems, digital- preservation system installation and testing, born-digital assistance)
  20. Liaison as service providers to the library.
  21. Retro-computing: Extracting data from obsolete systems/technology.
  22. Event support in collaboration with the Library Communications Office.
  23. Provide technical training to library staff.
  24. Network security for library devices