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Digitizing Locally Held Content
Digitization Services digitizes multiple types of print collections, from bound volumes to negatives.

To start the process, please submit your request via the Library Help Desk. Please include as much information as you can. See suggested topics below.

Things to include in your request:

Description Provide a brief description of the proposed project or initiative.
Physical Description Describe the physical structure of the materials to be digitized, e.g., books, unbound paper, poster, photographs, slides, microfilm, audio, or video materials.
Owning Library Where is material located, e.g., NRLF. Have you made arrangements to have access to the materials?
Quantity How many items, pages, minutes, etc. What sizes?
Metadata Do catalog records exist for these items in their paper or digitized formats? Does any existing metadata exist (print, spreadsheet, etc.)? If not, who will be creating the descriptive metadata?
Condition of material Are there any special considerations with respect to the preservation of the original materials? Are the materials bound? Can they be unbound?
Copyright Public domain? UC Regents? Other? Considerations for online publication? Need to limit access to UCB faculty, staff, and students?
Timeline Provide any deadlines for this project