Imaging Services

Digitization Services (DS) provides high-quality digital imaging of UC Berkeley collections.

Imaging standards are at: Digitization Services: Imaging Guidelines.

Digitization Services has the following equipment for scanning:

  • Document Feed Scanner
  • Large Format Scanner
  • Atiz Book Scanners
  • DSLR cameras
  • Phase One camera
  • Microfilm Scanner
  • IRENE Scanner

Library Units and Library Patrons
Library units can place digitization requests directly with Digitization Services by submitting a ticket to Library Helpbox. Please include the following information when submitting your digitization request:

  • Type of material and the dimensions
  • Object condition, is it fragile or brittle?
  • Estimated image (page) count
  • Item count (how many folders, books, maps, etc)
  • Timeline

Some Library units, including The Bancroft Library, accept orders from patrons to have digital imaging done at Digitization Services, so in these cases, patrons can place their imaging requests with the unit that holds the material. For patrons of Library units which do not have their own system in place for managing patron requests for Digitization Services imaging, patrons can place their request with Interlibrary Lending, which will then work with Digitization Services and with the holding unit to arrange for the imaging. Please contact ILLP to place a request or for more information.


Non-Library UC Berkeley organizational units
When schedule permits, Digitization Services can sometimes accommodate requests from UCB units outside of the Library. Please submit your request to Library Helpbox.